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Arif: Attack on 'Ghadd Althawra' HQ Unacceptable; Perpetrators Must Be Brought to Justice
Arif: Attack on 'Ghadd Althawra' HQ Unacceptable; Perpetrators Must Be Brought to Justice
Muslim Brotherhood condemns attack on Ghadd Althawra Party office in Cairo, and urges investigation of the totally intolerable incident of false-arrest, vandalization, theft and arson.
Monday, February 25,2013 06:58

 Dr. Ahmed Arif, Muslim Brotherhood media spokesman, said the group denounces the blatant attack on Ghadd Althawra Party headquarters.

"This is barbaric vandalism, like recent attacks on Wafd Party office and the headquarters of the Freedom and Justice Party.

These are indeed criminal acts of violence for which perpetrators must receive deterrent punishment, in order to safeguard political life and Egypt’s democratic future, as well as to protect both public and private property and institutions in Egypt – our beloved homeland, which we hope will cross this transitional phase towards completion of its institution rebuilding, and to achieve security and stability.

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