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Katatni to Chinese Officials: FJP Seeks Balanced Relations with Both East and West
Katatni to Chinese Officials: FJP Seeks Balanced Relations with Both East and West
Freedom and Justice Party Chairman Katatni urges Chinese to establish manufacturing bases in Egypt as gateway to Africa.
Friday, March 8,2013 07:05

 Dr. Mohamed Saad Katatni, Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) Chairman, met Thursday at party headquarters with a delegation of the Chinese Communist Party headed by Jiang Jianhua, one of the most prominent officials of the Communist Party’s Department of Foreign Relations.

Dr. Katatni welcomed the Communist Party delegation, on a visit to Egypt to boost relations between the two parties, stressing the need for more such meetings in future to complete the comprehensive studies of the two parties and agree a formal cooperation protocol between them.

"The party supports the formulation of excellent new foreign relations, restoring balance to ties with other countries, and in particular the policy of opening up to countries of the East and the West at the same time. The former regime always sought relations with the West only.

"Prerevoluton Egypt’s economic policies were restricted. Their basic rules and structure now need to be reconsidered to encourage foreign investment. The FJP’s Economic Committee is working hard to submit new legislation to the next Parliament."

Dr. Katatni urged the head of China’s Communist Party delegation to establishment Chinese industrial zones in Egypt, adding that, "It is not enough to import Chinese products; Egypt is the perfect gateway to African nations.


"The FJP is reviewing the map of investments in Egypt for the next phase, in order to be ready for investors, since many foreign investors do not know the areas of investment available in Egypt."

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