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FJP - Alexandria Celebrates Orphans Day: Violence Will Not Stop Us Building Egypt
FJP - Alexandria Celebrates Orphans Day: Violence Will Not Stop Us Building Egypt
Certain political parties and individuals persist in use of force, collaborating with old-guard vandals and provocateurs, while the Muslim Brotherhood and its Freedom and Justice Party strife to rebuild and move forward with the homeland.
Saturday, April 6,2013 07:35

Atef Abul-Eid, Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) – Alexandria’s Information Secretary, denounced the brutal attacks that took place Friday damaging private and public property in the sea-port city (north of Cairo), "Thugs and criminals tried to attack Muslim Brotherhood headquarters in Alexandria, then Sidi Gaber train station. They even attacked people on the streets and citizens' cars, and closed off Abu Qir Street.

Abul-Eid wondered: "Until when will some political forces continue to adopt this violent approach of ‘political’ action?

"While the FJP and the Muslim Brotherhood in Alexandria celebrated the Orphans Day, with a number of activities honoring orphaned children and their mothers, and in which FJP youths and leaders took part, certain other parties and so-called political movements insisted on committing acts of thuggery, violence and savagery, terrorizing innocent citizens of Alexandria, and sending a message to the people that they will persist in their barbaric behavior every Friday to deprive citizens of peace and security."

Abul-Eid exhorted all parties to stop the thuggery and violence, and star working to complete the rebuilding of Egypt, calling for police forces to play their role within the framework of the law.

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