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Egypt Parliament Discusses Judicial Authority Bill Monday
Egypt Parliament Discusses Judicial Authority Bill Monday
The legislative affairs committee of Egypt’s upper house of parliament invites government to attend Monday’s session in which Judiciary law amendments will be debated and possibly approved.
Sunday, April 21,2013 15:45

The Legislative Committee of the Shura Council (the second chamber of Egypt’s parliament) is to discuss proposed amendments to the Judicial Authority Law tomorrow (Monday, April 22) in the presence of representatives of the government.

The Committee reaffirmed that the current law of the judiciary in many ways collides with the articles of the Constitution; and that it is therefore necessary to bring about these fundamental changes in order for the law to be consistent with the Constitution.

It added that the method of selecting prosecutors is inconsistent with the new Constitution: they are still selected on whims and fancies rather than the criteria defined in the Constitution – excellence and efficiency.

The Committee also mentioned that reducing pension age to 60 years is one of the suggested amendments that enjoy the support of the judges themselves.

The Committee’s members assured that reducing pension age is certainly not intended for the purposes reported by hostile private media; but quite the contrary, that it is a general law and principle, completely independent of individuals as circulated.


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