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Egypt Student Union Deputy Head: President to Consider Release of Any Detained Student
Egypt Student Union Deputy Head: President to Consider Release of Any Detained Student
ESU Vice-President Baqri and a 47-strong university student delegation meet with Egyptian President Morsi and discuss curricula, campus security and conditions at student dormitories.
Sunday, May 5,2013 17:41

In a press statement, Ahmed Al-Baqri, vice-president of the Egyptian Student Union (ESU), said: "The ESU’s meeting with Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi was very constructive, with Dr. Morsi attentively listening to all the demands of university student unions.

"The meeting discussed various topics, especially university dorms, academic books, campus security, the ESU’s Financial Regulations, and detained students. The meeting also touched on the issue of private colleges and universities. President Morsi recommended comprehensive solutions to all problems."

Baqri pointed that President Morsi tasked PM Hisham Qandil to form a specialized committee to uncover the reality of conditions at student dormitories in various Egyptian universities, stressing at the same time that Al-Azhar University is high on his priority list, and that he personally continues to follow what is happening at Azhar campus, and in particular at the university dorms, in the wake of the food-poisoning incident.

Baqri further added, "The President tasked me, as ESU deputy head, and my colleague ESU president Mohamed Badran, to write a list of the names of all university students who are currently detained for political reasons, whatever their political orientations. He promised to review their cases and release them as soon as possible. He also tasked the Minister of Higher Education to complete the ESU’s Financial Regulations without delay.

"President Morsi pointed that there will be direct contact between the Presidency and student unions to follow up on the issues affecting students at the earliest opportunity. President Morsi also requested that representatives of student unions and ESU members must work diligently and effectively in the service of all students."

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