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Christian Professor: 'Drown Egypt in Blood of Jesus' Speech Provocative, Inappropriate
Christian Professor: 'Drown Egypt in Blood of Jesus' Speech Provocative, Inappropriate
A video of a Christian preacher heating up masses at a special Church service Wednesday with ‘Drown Egypt in Blood of Christ! Drown every neighborhood and every street’ cries is picked upon by a Christian professor who regards the phrase as ‘extremist’.
Saturday, June 22,2013 16:58

Mina Asaad, a professor of defensive theology at the Institute of Holy Bible Studies, affirmed that the phrase "the blood of Jesus floods the streets" chanted by a female Christian preacher in an Evangelical Church Mass at Dobara Palace near Tahrir Square (Wednesday) overflows with extremism, adding that it is a most provocative phrase that foments sectarian strife, especially in the precarious circumstances prevailing in Egypt today.

"The doctrinal background for this phrase is that Christians believe they are completely entwined together with Christ. Thus, originally, this expression means that the blood of Christians, united in Christ, fills the streets when a Christian is killed for any reason. However, I can say that the sentence is right, but used for the wrong intention, and that the obvious purpose is to provoke feelings of false religious enthusiasm."

Asaad pointed that the meaning closest to the truth is that Jesus' blood floods the streets refers to the intervention of Christ to stop bloodshed and bring peace. Nevertheless, he objected to the inappropriate use of the phrase here, adding that in such situations, preachers should use language understood by everyone.

He further added that Christians are convinced that most incidents and events in Egypt are in fact ‘political’, including the latest clashes around the Cathedral and the Khossos incident; and that they realize the purpose of such events is to distract Egyptians. He pitied people from both sides who have made strong reactions in the name of religion failing to realize that their enthusiasm is part of a game in the hands of ruthless plotters.

Asaad also pointed that this phrase has not been used previously – not even in the most notorious eras, like the Roman era before Islam where the blood of Christians flowed up to the knees of horses. In those dark and sad ages, the phrase used was 'the blood of the martyrs and the saints'.

"Indeed, this phrase has never been used in that provocative and controversial manner. It is most inappropriate, especially in a time like now when extremism is most intolerable."

He stressed that all religious Copts in Egypt see current events as purely Egyptian, and that interactions from Muslims or Christians are based on citizenship, not religion, "Christians, for example, did not elect Gerges Shafiq or Morcos Sabbahi".

Meanwhile, Saad criticized the political activist Ahmed AlMoghir's comments posted on his Facebook page with the above-mentioned video, in which he said that the Church has formally declared war.

To view the video, click on the following link:


* This article is an edited translation of an Arabic version originally posted in 'Rasd News Network'

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