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Pro-Democracy, Anti-Coup Alliance Calls For ‘Break the Coup’ Demonstrations Friday July 19
Pro-Democracy, Anti-Coup Alliance Calls For ‘Break the Coup’ Demonstrations Friday July 19
As a coalition of pro-legitimacy, pro-Morsi parties, groups and movements calls a huge protest rally on Friday, Brotherhood spokesman urges commitment to civilized behavior and peacefulness.
Friday, July 19,2013 07:50

 The anti-coup National Alliance in Support of Electoral Legitimacy (NASEL) urged all Egyptians to mass in ‘Breaking the Coup’ million-man marches and demonstrations in all public squares, in all the provinces of Egypt.

Meanwhile, Dr. Ahmed Aref, Muslim Brotherhood media spokesman, exhorted the Egyptian people who reject the coup to adhere to civilized behavior, as they showed their steadfastness and determination to reject any humiliation, repression or power-grab.

"Still in our minds are the opposition’s reprehensible maneuvers, providing flimsy political cover a full year of Molotov fire-bombs, mindless violence and vicious attacks on the Presidential palace and Cairo’s High Court, amongst many state institutions, under the noses of senior security chiefs, on the ground, whose treason has now become clear to all."

In a post on his Facebook page, Dr. Aref further said: "I urge everyone to observe the usual rights-of-way, the rights and obligations of being on the road amongst others: keeping a clear traffic lane to allow passage of anyone who needs to go through, helping to maintain the cleanliness of all the areas we pass through, and providing assistance to anyone who needs our help.
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