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A Statement from Rabaa Detainees Protests Rights Violations, Hostage-Like Treatment
A Statement from Rabaa Detainees Protests Rights Violations, Hostage-Like Treatment
A statement from Rabaa and Nahda squares detainees, sent Thursday (September 12) from inside a prison in Egypt, describes illegal and inhuman detention conditions, and condemns the silence of Egyptian and world media and complicity of prosecutors.
Friday, September 13,2013 20:51

Rabaa and Nahda detainees Thursday (September 12) statement:

We are writing this statement in conditions that, to put it mildly, are far from humane.

We, Rabaa Detainees, are in fact held hostage in this prison of the putschist regime, where they call us "the hostages".

We are completely surrounded, here. The siege isolating us knows no limits, with total media silence and complicity of the prosecution in the ongoing atrocious farce. We are like orphans at some villains’ table.

Justice is totally absent, and the judges chose to be judges in the servants of fire, the ambassadors of hell.

The situation is really bad at this prison. It does not conform to even the most basic of human rights – from medical care to food and drink.

As for our legal position, the most polite description would be as we said above: an atrocious farce.

We, Rabaa Detainees, will not cooperate with this artificial set up, this contrived farce. Will not accept to be seen by the prosecution service, about which the judge says:

"We have not come here to listen, only to extend the period of pre-trial detention."

They showed no mercy to 16-year old adolescents. They showed no compassion for the elderly. They brought against us all ludicrous implausible charges even the devil himself could not have fabricated.

They brought all manner of false charges against us, after they killed more than 3,000 of our brothers and sisters.

We will not detail, here, what we humiliation, persecution and torture we have been subjected to at the hands of the police, right before prosecutors. God bear witness to this.

History will not forgive them.

Ultimately, prison, police terrorism and the judges’ total complicity will not deter us from completing our journey.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

- This is an edited translation of the statement originally published in Rassd news network in the evening of Thursday September 12, 2013.


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