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Egypt Pro-Democracy National Alliance: Repression Fuels Revolutions
Egypt Pro-Democracy National Alliance: Repression Fuels Revolutions
The coalition of pro-legitimacy parties and movements warns against more oppressive and violent actions by coup security forces and absurd verdicts by pro-military judges.
Saturday, December 21,2013 09:21

To all Egypt’s loyal revolutionaries, men and women…

Our sincere condolences for the death of Alf-Maskan martyr and all the martyrs who loyally put their homeland above their own interests, even their own lives. We pray for a speedy recovery for the injured heroes of the Revolution, and hail all revolutionaries who remain steadfast in liberty squares in the face of the putschists’ violence and brutality, and who remain committed to peaceful protest, making yet another exceptionally majestic revolutionary Friday, attended by millions of brave and devoted Egyptian citizens.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance assures that murderers and thieves will not escape punishment and retribution, that repression sparks revolutions, and that the continued cowardly arrests will soon turn prisons into liberty squares.

The Alliance warns things may well get out of control as the putschists escalate their threats of more violence and terror, their judges acquit more criminals and corrupt officials, coup security forces arrest and detain more innocent and oppressed people, and new sectors of society join the revolutionary movement.

To all Egypt’s loyal revolutionaries, men and women…

Stay steadfast on your non-violent revolutionary path, with all strength and devotion, creativity, ingenuity and love for the homeland and the martyrs. Continue regeneration of the Revolution and defense of constitutional and electoral legitimacy everywhere across Egypt, in the "2012, Our Constitution" week of peaceful protest activities. Continue to raise Revolutionary readiness. Be prepared for what is to come.

Soon, the coup will be defeated.

God is Great... The time for retribution is approaching.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Cairo: December 20, 2013

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