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Pro-Democracy National Alliance Calls Referendum Boycott Week of Peaceful Protest
Pro-Democracy National Alliance Calls Referendum Boycott Week of Peaceful Protest
Anti-coup coalition of parties and movements defending constitutional and electoral legitimacy in Egypt calls 'Fail False Vote' week of escalating non-violent defiance.
Friday, January 10,2014 06:39

To all loyal revolutionary men and women of Egypt...

In the life of nations, there come decisive days, and in the paths of revolutions major milestones. So, move ahead boldly with your Revolution, on this crucial moment of your non-violent struggle against the junta, committed to peaceful protest and defiance with selfless devotion and creative ingenuity, for the sake of the homeland and in revenge for the martyrs, in another revolutionary escalation week, under the title "Fail False Vote", to boycott the sham referendum on the junta's illegitimate constitution.

To all the loyal revolutionary Egyptian people...

Already, the harbingers of the false referendum's defeat emerged abroad as an omen for the defeat of the coup and its commanders and collaborators at home. Let us continue to mass, in our Revolutionary Rage over the coming week, towards a revolutionary boycott of the false vote. Let us fail the big farce, with all its corrupt judges, generals, police, thugs, assassins and the proverbial Sultan's paid priests. Let us push the putschists to the brink of the abyss… nay, to the depths of defeat and failure, wherein they should forever stay.

Down with the junta's judiciary and coup commanders.

Down with the referendum of blood and treason.

Long live Egypt and its proud people.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Cairo: January 8, 2014

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