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Pro-Democracy National Alliance in Damietta, Egypt: Detainee Torture Crimes Will Be Punished
Pro-Democracy National Alliance in Damietta, Egypt: Detainee Torture Crimes Will Be Punished
The military junta is dragging Egypt back to the darkest times of repression, tyranny and torture of the innocent.
Saturday, February 15,2014 06:03

 In a statement Friday, the Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance in Damietta (in the far north of Egypt) affirmed that coup militias tortured journalist and media professional Mohamed Yamani and a student called Ahmed Badran for 48 hours at the headquarters of the National Security Agency that replaced the notorious State Security apparatus in Egypt.

In its statement, the Alliance pointed that coup security forces practiced all types of criminal physical torture against the detainees, including beatings on all parts of the body, electric shocks and depriving them essentials like food, blankets and clothing, to force them to confess to crimes they never committed, before taking them to coup prosecutors who extended their detention for another 15 days. The Alliance stressed that torture is a crime that is not subject to any statute of limitations.

"This systematic torture is the biggest proof of the return of the police state in a manner worse than the darkest days of ousted Mubarak's oppressive reign. But this will not intimidate us. We will persist, moving forward to break the coup with a completely peaceful approach."

The Alliance announced it sent a formal complaint and statement to all official human rights organizations inside and outside Egypt to investigate and document this torture of political activists.
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