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Al-Sisi Detention Centers Slow-Death: 5 More Murdered in 3 Days
Al-Sisi Detention Centers Slow-Death: 5 More Murdered in 3 Days
Before the coup's new interior minister completes his first month in office, political detainees' death toll spikes to a record high: eight new cases of murder and death by torture or lack of required medical care.
Monday, March 30,2015 05:19

 The coup's Interior Ministry, led by new minister Magdi Abdel-Ghaffar, gave Egyptian public opinion, as well as the local and international human rights community, a new record in torture and murder figures: five cases of murder and death in detention in three days.

On March 26, Mohamed Abed, 38, died of tuberculosis in Mansoura 1 Police Station due to lack of essential health care for detainees.

On March 26, Ibrahim Alnageri was murdered in Mansoura 2 Police Station, after long sessions of inhuman torture and brutal beatings.

On March 26, Khaled Khidr was murdered inside a Beni Mazar police car after suffering inhuman torture and brutal beatings by three officers.

On March 27, Shehata Maqar, 68, died in Wadi Gadid Prison due to lack of necessary health care and a collapse in blood circulation.

On March 29, Hussein Abdel-Mawla was killed in Ahram Police Station after suffering inhuman torture and brutal beatings at the hands of police detectives.

Since Magdi Abdel-Ghaffar, the new interior minister, came to head the coup's Ministry of Interior, significant tally spikes have been witnessed in numbers of deaths in police stations, prisons and all places of detention.

Moreover, a new wave of murderous brutality by security personnel has started against detainees in all prisons, including inhuman and degrading treatment, systematic torture and beatings, and depriving detainees of their legal rights.

These five new cases raise the death toll in prisons and detention centers, since the beginning of illegitimate Al-Sisi rule, to 108 people.

Further, these five new cases raise the death toll inside coup prisons and detention centers, since June 30 (2013) to 237 cases of murder (including deaths due to lack of medical care).

With the death of Shehata Maqar, murders and deaths in Wadi Gadid Prison rise to 16 cases since June 30, 2013.

With the death of Ibrahim Alnageri and Mohamed Abed, the number of deaths in Mansoura police stations rises to 12 detainees since June 30 (2013).

In all of these cases, the 'official' cause of death is recorded as... a collapse in blood circulation.

In terms of accountability, the public prosecutor has not jailed a single officer, nor any official or leading figure at the coup's Interior Ministry or the Prison Service Department for the atrocities being committed inside these places of detention against political detainees and criminal prisoners alike.

Prisons and places of detention have been transformed into official cemeteries since the events of June 30, 2013. The train of slow death continues for all detainees in Egypt.
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