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Statement from Mohamed Beltagy Family on Son Kidnapping Monday
Statement from Mohamed Beltagy Family on Son Kidnapping Monday
Having murdered his sister in cold blood, arrested his father and brother on political trumped up charges, coup forces now arrest Khaled Beltagy – the 16-year old son of Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Beltagy (still held hostage in junta jails).
Tuesday, September 22,2015 16:49
After midnight, and before dawn, Egyptian coup security forces broke into our home in Nasr City (East of Cairo) without official judicial permission, and abducted Khaled El-Beltagy, taking him to an (as yet) unknown destination. He had been studying with friends. Khaled (16 years) is a student at the final third year of secondary school. With the help of lawyers, we are now trying to find out where Khaled is!

This is the second time Khaled El-Beltagy is arrested. Earlier, he was arrested on fabricated arbitrary charges, detained, then released. Now, military coup authorities do not seem to take into consideration such things as young age (legal blameworthiness etc), his being busy studying to finish formal education, the fact that his brother Anas and his father Dr Mohamed Beltagy were also detained, visited by him in prison regularly until his own arbitrary arrest and detention. Sadly, under the military coup regime, Egypt has become a big prison for all its citizens.

We stress that the crime of kidnapping Khaled El-Beltagy, as a punishment for the role of his father in the Egyptian January 25 Revolution and in the leadership of the national action against Mubarak's and the repressive military regime's tyranny and his defense of freedoms and human rights, will not stop us from continuing the march for justice, freedom and human dignity.

We call on human rights organizations and the media to follow up the violations against our family and the rights of Egyptians who are suffering because of the military coup's barbaric campaign against humanity, morality, conscience and the law. Egyptians are suffering the worst violations of human rights and public freedoms in Egypt's modern history, which target even young people and students including the families of martyrs and detainees.

Cairo: Tuesday - 22 September 2015
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