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Statement from President Mohamed Morsi's Family
Statement from President Mohamed Morsi's Family
Ousted by the military junta in Egypt, elected President Morsi is the only detainee in the country who is not allowed any visits from his family altogether since the traitorous coup of July 3, 2013.
Monday, June 6,2016 05:44

This is the fourth Ramadan (Muslims' month of fasting) since the military coup… the fourth Ramadan for President Mohamed Morsi in detention. Marking the beginning of Ramadan, we felt everyone should know what is happening with the detainee president, our beloved father.

President Morsi, to our knowledge, is the only detainee in Egypt banned from having visits from his family altogether in his place of detention since the July 3, 2013 military coup, with only one exception on November 7, 2013.

Apart from that, his son Osama saw him exactly four times at the Police Academy compound, for only a couple of minutes each time. The most recent of these was in January 2015. The rest of the family, including the President's wife, were not able to visit him in his place of detention since November 13, 2013.

The family does not know anything about his food, the place of his incarceration or conditions of his detention or his health. We are not allowed to send him any clothes or personal belongings of any kind. Dozens of official requests for family visits to President Morsi never got any response from junta authorities.

A family visit to President Morsi in his place of detention is a legal right guaranteed by all constitutions and laws in the world, not an act of charity on the part of the ruling regime.

The President's family are no whining or grumbling complainers. They know the size of the challenge facing the Egyptian Revolution, but believe this should not rob them of their rights.

The President's family calls on all human rights organizations and international NGOs to intervene and put an end to this continuing crime committed with the coup regime's political will and direct complicity of the Egyptian judicial authorities.

The President's family will continue its attempts to visit and communicate with him, and will never give up – God willing.

This does not change the President's or his family's established position of non-recognition of the treasonous military coup.

President Mohamed Morsi's Family

Sunday – June 5, 2016
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