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Doha Badie: My father in Solitary Confinement, No Blankets, Medicine or Food
Doha Badie: My father in Solitary Confinement, No Blankets, Medicine or Food
Sunday, March 25,2018 22:55

 Doha Badie, daughter of the Muslim Brotherhood's Chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie appealed

for the relief from the dire situation which her father and other detainees endure in Tora Prison, which has become unbearable for both young and elderly in Sisi regime prisons for years as a result of their rejection of the military coup.

On her facebook account, Doha recounts the most recent violations against her father, which threaten his life after a year and a half of banning visits. She said that his solitary cell is constantly subject to inspections by a security officers who confiscate everything including a blanket that he uses to warm his body during the cold weather. She stated that for over a year, Dr. Badie sleeps on the cell's floor and without even a blanket. 

She added that the only chair in his cell was also taken away, though her father, 74-year-old, suffers from severe arthritis, and an old spinal fracture, and is in dire need for that chair, which he uses to sit, stand, and pray.

Doha continued on the offenses committed by the coup militias in the prisons: "They have closed down the canteen and the cafeteria. There is no food except prison food, and we all know how bad that food is, and has caused several stomach problems", adding that food is always delivered in a humiliating and inappropriate manner.
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