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American-Egyptian dialogue resumption
American experts: "American-Egyptian di
Monday, July 24,2006 00:00
by Al-mesry Al-youm

American experts: "American-Egyptian dialogue resumption does not mean stopping pressure for reform".

 American experts stated that the resumption of dialogue between Washington and Cairo, after six years, does not mean that America will stop or reduce its pressure on the Egyptian regime regarding democratic reform during the coming days.


In their statement to al Missry alyoum newspaper, they confirmed that what happens may be a change in the technique where as Washington sees that discussing political reform directly is better than pubic criticisms against the repeated violations toward the political activists. The dialogue will be held more than once a year attended by economic, political and security groups.     


 They highlighted the last Egyptian official situation concerning (al-Wa’ad al- Sadeq’s) operation by Hezbollah against Israel was negative, despite the US’s approval, because it blamed Hezbollah. Michel Din- researcher at Carnegie Institutions- stressed that it is positive for Egypt to participate with America in a strategic dialogue. It is an important opportunity for speaking openly about the internal developments concerning the reform operation in Egypt and the region. The dialogue must be comprehensive, for US wants to know the Egyptian political reform orientation, without understanding this, the dual relation will be misunderstood as it was during the last years.

 She added that she thought the US would work with Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Jordan to solve the current crises, but she do not expect that the US will stop calling them for political reform draft. At the same time, the US and Egypt are interested in the peace process in Lebanon and Gaza.

 Tamara Wittes- a researcher at Prockgneiss’s Institution- said the return of strategic dialogue between America and Egypt is a positive matter, and at the same time doesn’t mean that America forgot the promotion of democracy issue in Egypt. On the contrary, the strategic dialogue between them is a means for insuring the continuous connection of relations, especially concerning the political and economic reform. Without this framework, the American-Egyptian relations will overcome the Palestinian’s crises or the like, and as for the long-term issues like democracy, they will be lost.

 She added that it should be noticed that the Secretary of State’s speech during the press conference with Ahmad Abu Elgheat firstly concentrated on reform, then the crises in the region.

 Tamara showed that Rice’s message was based on Bush’s statements in Congress on last February, in which he said that the region’s future must not be abandoned to the current steadiness or the fundamentalists. We need a reform presenting a real substitute to the Egyptians and the region. Also she mentioned that there is similarity in views between the American Administration and the Egyptian regime concerning some matters, especially the existing crises between Israel and Hezbollah. They will discuss the mutual ways concerning theses issues, despite their disagreement about democracy.


 Pin Fishman- a researcher at Washington Institution for Studies- said that the strategic dialogue resumption may confirm that the US doesn’t abandon its democratic agenda, but it feels that it could carry out so many aims through directly handling the issue and positively move other than mere criticisms of the Egyptian government violations towards democratic groups.

 Fishman added that Egypt should support Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen and help create and strengthen an effective and strong Palestinian security body able to help in cease-fire with Israel, because the continuous anarchy in Gaza does not satisfy both Egypt and America.

 Khairy Abazah- a researcher at Democracy protection Institution- said that the dialogue focused on the situation developments concerning the Lebanese arena. Generally, Egypt is the US’s ally with regard to the external political issues, or there is mutual agreement between them, unlike the disagreements concerning the internal Egyptian situations.


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