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Opposition Demands Expulsion of Israeli Ambassadors
Opposition Demands Expulsion of Israeli Ambassadors
Amid a tight security siege reinforced with hooligans and hirelings of the Egyptian security forces, a delegation of the Muslim Brotherhood and other political forces in Egypt sent a message to Cairo- based Arab League (AL) on Wednesday July 5th 2006, calling on the AL to issue a decision expelling the Israeli ambassadors from all Arab countries, citing the recent Israeli aggression in Gaza and the detention of Palestinian officials in violation of the international laws.
Saturday, July 8,2006 00:00

Amid a tight security siege reinforced with hooligans and hirelings of the Egyptian security forces, a delegation of the Muslim Brotherhood and other political forces in Egypt sent a message to Cairo- based  Arab League (AL) on Wednesday July 5th 2006, calling on the AL to issue a decision expelling the Israeli ambassadors from all Arab countries, citing the recent Israeli aggression in Gaza and the detention of Palestinian officials in violation of the international laws.

In a statement to Ikhwanweb, MB Parliamentary Bloc member Hazem Farouk, who was among the delegation, said that despite the heavy security siege around the AL premises, and after lengthy arguments with the security forces, a host of the delegation members from various political spectrums managed to meet AL Assistant Secretary General Ahmed bin Helly. The ambassador welcomed the delegation and listened to their demands which also called for boycotting the Israeli goods, providing support for the besieged Palestinian people, and spearhead a campaign exposing the Israeli aggression and its negative effects on the Palestinian people.

The delegation also called on the AL to form a fact finding committee to visit Gaza to get examine the deteriorating situation in the occupied land, and spurring the Arab countries into moving to lift the sufferings off the Palestinian people and compensating them for the destruction caused by the Israeli incursions.

In its message, the delegation called for pressuring Israel to release the Palestinian prisoners, especially women and children. 







A Palestinian boy injured while inside his house in Gaza.

Gaza civilians targetted by Israeli shelling

Gaza under attack

Palestinians carrying the body of a wounded civilian

A wounded civilian in Northern Gaza

A child crying at the funeral of Rami Abu Hashem in Northern Gaza

Palestinian woman running away from her home as shelling began

Survivors of the Israeli attack

On Thursday, Israeli Bulldozers devastated vast areas of arable lands in Beit Lahia and Khan Younis in the Gaza Strip. The war is still going on, and the Israeli Army is bombing everywhere in the Gaza Strip. This aims only to
terrify the children, women and old men sleeping in their houses. A Palestinian woman, 56, told me ’ I don’t know why the world is still silent. Until when? They are killing us inside our homes. For the sake of God and all our children, please intervene and stop killing us in Gaza.’ She was hiding inside her house and talking from a window of a kitchen, terrified of getting out of her house.

The number of people who were killed is increasing from one minute to the next. Now tens of people have been injured and killed in the north of Gaza. No water, no food, no electricity ... everything is under siege. The woman told me: "We have not been able to go to our farms and get vegetables to cook for the children." There was shooting towards us as she was speaking to me.

Israeli bulldozers began devastating agricultural lands here in Al Salateen area, west of Beit lahia and seized a house, turning it into a military post, used by Israeli soldiers as snipers.

Three bulldozers also razed wide area of olive trees and planted lands owned by Abu Anza and Abu Rjeila families in al Faraheen area, east Khan Younis refugee camp. The situation is getting worse all over in the southern and northern parts of the Gaza strip.

The children here are appealing to you and to everyone who will listen to stop this attack. The children are born to live and not to die by Israeli shelling which does not diffeneciate between targeting a child, a woman or even and old man praying in a mosque.

Two journalists were injured, both working for Al Jazeera TV, and some ambulance workers have also been targeted by the Israeli Army. In addition, the educational buildings, of the Islamic university, where I studied last semester was also the hardest hit by Israeli F 16s. An orphanage has been also been bombed. It is quite horrible here, and the bombing is still going on. Right now, a new rocket hit a building close by.. more news coming later when my laptop batteries are charged again.

3 July 06

Now, while I’m writing this update, Israeli F-16s and helicopters are hovering over and bombing the Gaza Strip. Water and fuel shortages are throughout the Gaza Strip, and it is clearly the beginning of a new humanitarian crises—no electricity in most of areas in Gaza, hospitals also have medicine shortages.

Thousands of Palestinians are stuck at the Rafah border and are in horrible situations: they are unable to return back home as a result of the closure of the crossing by Israeli Occupation Forces.

Bombing just right now by F-16s.

Children traumatized during the American-made F-16s bombings

Running out of fuel and water and other necessary supplies for survival

Palestinians run from Israeli rockets showered on them by the helicopters in Rafah

The Wall at the Rafah Refugee Camp

Women crying at a funeral in Gaza

30 June 06

Funerals in the Southern part of Gaza Strip


Targetting the Palestinian Interior Ministry by helicopter last night

It might be the last time to get online, I have so many things to do. I have been doing many interviews today and none of them I was comfortable with while I was talking. It is hell here, we have so many problems now in Gaza. I don’t know what to do, but I will just go ahead and continue working on many things. I will load these photos then I should leave now. I have no time to write that much, but I guess photos could speak much better.

29 June 06:

Shelling in Gaza

Damage to bridges

Bloody life in Gaza, scary days and dark nights all the time, The attack is still ongoing, This laptop computer is running out of battery at the moment—I will get back to update the website as soon as possible.

All the residents of Gaza, including myself, are having rolling power outages after the power plant was completely damaged in a missile attack launched as Israel began an incursion with Israeli F-16s and helicopters. There is no electricity and this is affecting the entire Gaza Strip and is making it impossible for hospitals, among other things, to work.

The power outages have also affected the water supplies running with electrical pumps.

Israel also destroyed three bridges in the territory, rendering the structures impassable to vehicles. These bridges are the only ones connecting the North of Gaza with its south. If this siege continues, our life will become more hellish!

"The badly damaged power plant provided about half of the territory’s electricity," says Mohammed Abu Shamaleh, Executive director of the Palestinian Generating Company in Gaza. He estimates that the damage to the structure is $16m and it could take up to six months to repair. So now, all Gaza Strip, will stay with no electricity.

The hovering of F-16s are still over,Rafah. The Gaza International Airport was attacked and Israeli soldiers transformed it into a military zone full of snipers. Umm Yousef Abu Jazar, a mother of 7 children escaped the shelling of her house as it was blasted by the soldiers. "I don’t know where to go with my daughters, we don’t want to die under the Israeli tanks and bulldozers, we want to live as everyone else lives" she said, crying and running to seek shelter.

I must leave now, the laptop is running out of battery and should get this online and will try to be back when I get the chance. Please tell about what is going on to the local media in your area and show the world about what the Israeli Occupation Forces are doing to the civilians here.

27 June 06


22 June 06

Children lameting the death of their brother in Al Shiekh Radwan in Gaza. These children were playing when they were killed

Why are they killing those children?

More children killed and injured in Gaza

An injured child

A woman crying after being injured

It seems that the screaming of the 12 years old child girl did not move too many people as she saw all her family members murdered on the beach in Gaza.

Again and again the scene is being repeated and the Israeli government is still insisting on making our children suffer again and again. This time it was different: it was Mohammed Roqqa, 5, and his sister Nida Roqqa, 6. Mohammed was comforting his 6 year old sister because of the Israeli helicopters bombings. He is now no longer able to comfort her, because his small body is not moving anymore. His sister was also killed by Israeli helicopter bombing yesterday before the sunset.

Roqqa still seemed to smile as she lay in the morgue. Her eyes were open, looking towards the sky as if they were observing the helicopters hovering over the Gaza sky day and night.

Huda Ghalia too had made millions cry when the video of her screams was shown on TVs stations around the world. Does this mean that it is the destiny of Palestinian children to weep all their lives, or isn’t it time that Palestinians stop the Israeli war machine from targeting civilians???

This morning in Gaza, another 14 Palestinians who were inside their home, some of them children, were wounded in a ’botched’ Israeli air strike on a car. The children were eating when they were struck. Two family members were killed.:"We were eating inside our home," an injured woman who survived the attack said, "and then a bomb hit the house leaving all of us injured and killing my brother and sister".

15 June 06

Bombing Gaza again and again

Palestinian child carried to a hopsital in gaza after being injured in by the bombing of Israeli helicopters

Palestinian child inside the morgue at Al Shifa hospital

Every moment in Gaza is different from the next. On Friday, 13 civilians, including three children, were killed in a new massacre by the Israeli Occupation Forces. In addition, four were ambulance drivers and health workers and two Islamic Jihad members.

Children, ambulances drivers and medical workers are among the targets all the time. The last time, it was tragic and the Gaza Strip had not yet recovered from the last hell which ended up in killing a family on the beach — the family who were simply enjoying their holiday after school had finished with the beginning of the school holiday.

While the first launch of Israeli rockets targeting Islamic Jihad members traveling in a vehicle missed, 13 people were killed and 32 injured when the second rocket launch struck civilians gathered around the vehicle.
The bloodiest attack of recent years has left Palestinians infuriated.

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas said: “What Israel did is called terrorism. We will never shatter.” Israel claimed the two people hiding in the targeted minibus were preparing a rocket assault.

The Islamic Resistance Movement of Hamas, broke the 16 month-ceasefire with organized rocket assaults against Israel following the murder of eight civilians Friday in Gaza. Israel, on the other hand, claimed the Israeli army was not responsible for the events, but experts confirmed that theses rockets were fired by the Israeli navy forces that patrol the Gaza beach.

In other developments, the United Nations International Cultural and Educational Fund, UNICEF revealed that one in three Palestinian sick children go without medicine. UNICEF speaker Damien Personnaz said conditions are critical in the Occupied Territory and the main victims of clashes are children and women.

Gaza is dying. The political situation is getting from bad to worse every day. Palestinian children are appealing to the International Red Cross and the International Community. The appeal is also for you, the reader of this text. We are asking you to say:" STOP KILLING AND STARVING PALESTINIANS". Is there anyone listening?

11 June 06

Huda Ghalia next to the body of her father who was killed in the raid

Injured children in Gaza

What has she done to deserve this?

Israeli warship shelling the Gaza beach

BLOODY WEEKEND: Here is the place of the crime, the time was simply in a beautiful sunny day when a family decided to go for a beach picnic to enjoy themselves, the victims were a family laying down on the Gaza beach enjoying their happy moments, and then, all the time enjoying themselves, all the children, father and mother have been killed together, their bodies has been scattered into the sand of the beach. A sunny day at the shore turned suddenly tragic for Palestinians picnicking in the northern Gaza Strip Friday, when an apparent errant Israeli shell fire tore through a group of beachgoers, killing seven, wounding over 40 people.
Broken camping tables, childrens’ sandals and lumps of flesh lay on the sands of Gaza’s Sudania beach Friday after the Israeli shelling of a picnic party left seven dead.
The death of family and the crying of the 12 years child girl have been shown in all TV channels, such photos of the child whom was enjoying her time and then an Israeli rocket hit all her family leaving all their bodies scattered into many parts. Such videos made the spokesman of the Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas cry while he was on the live interview at Palestine TV. The videos of the child trying to wakeup her father, her mother and all sisters was shocking enough to make people weep, as a result of this promotes the military wing of Hamas to declare an end to its 16-month-old voluntary cease fire.

Eyewitnesses in the area said:" it’s the Israeli warships which shelled the family while they were enjoying themselves on the Gaza beach".

Earlier last week, Jamal Abu Samhadaneh, the leader of Popular Resistance Committees have been assassinated by the Israeli helicopters together with other three of his body guards. This weekend has been a bloody weekend for Palestinian, in this morning, thousands of children demonstrate against Red Cross negative position from targeting children by the Israeli Army. The children appeal for all humans in allover the world and all people believe in freedom to protect them from the rockets and bullets of the Israeli occupation Forces which obviously doesn’t differentiate between a child and an old man.


8 June 06

Palestinian Children Crying in Gaza

injured palestinian in the daily shelling in the north of Gaza

Ismail Hanyieh, the Palestinian Prim minsiter visiting one of the schools attending the final secondary exams

An explosion tore through a house in Jabalya refugee camp in the Gaza Strip on last Monday, killing a Hamas militant member. The cause of the blast was not immediately known. Earlier sources at Kamal Adwan hospital said that a car was bombed by the Israeli helicopters. Later on, two Palestinian resistance members were killed and many were injured in air attack by Israeli helicopters.

This morning and as everyday, no way to sleep during shelling, Two security men were killed Wednesday night as Israeli artillery bombarded their post in Shaja’yeh at the east of Gaza City.

Four other people were injured and all bodies arrived as parts scattered in the streets, this makes it very difficult for ambulances drivers and medics to collect the body fragments.
In Gaza, militant clashes between families and Palestinian factions are taking place as well, many were injured and killed, the last incident, 4 people were killed and many were injured.
All the shelling is taking place while high secondary schools are attending exams in Gaza strip and West Bank schools. :" I don’t know how Am I going to read when this shelling is taking place all the times" Khalil Hmadan a student said, and explaining that shelling makes things very difficult to concentrate in his studying for exams. "But we will continue, education is the only way to struggle and live in peace, we will not let the Israelis take us away from our goals" he added during an interview with him after the first exam.

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