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Minute by Minute ,the Parliamentary Election coverage of Alexandria
The Hope of  the Nation .NetNews Headlines at 09:00 AmStage 2 of the Parliamentary Election coverage of Alexandria Governorate The NDP has pioneered and new style of unconventional election rigging which has been in practice since the early hours of this morning. They have stationed a large number of thugs-who were d
Monday, November 21,2005 00:00
by Amal Aloma press,

The Hope of  the Nation .Net
News Headlines at 09:00 Am
Stage 2 of the Parliamentary Election coverage of Alexandria Governorate
The NDP has pioneered and new style of unconventional election rigging which has been in practice since the early hours of this morning. They have stationed a large number of thugs-who were distributed earlier today- at some of the important polling stations in Alexandria Governorate such as Mina’a Al-Basal (the onion port), the Raml and Al-Montazah Constituncies. The new tactics this time is for the NDP to dress these thugs in white T-shirts with the “Islam Is The Solution” slogan written on then in large font, in a desperate attempt to mislead the public and blacken the reputation of the Ikhwan (Muslim Brotherhood, MB).
The Raml Constituency:
The atmosphere was intensifying the tempo was getting higher as the time for opening up the doors of the polling stations in Al Raml was approaching early this morning.
At Mansour Hosain School, 20 thugs armed with knives accompanied by 15 women in full black veils in addition to 30 secret informers and more than 20 microbuses in front of the wards. Numerous busses were stationed in front of the Govern rate’s Civic Hall to transport all civil servants who were anonymously assigned certain wards to vote for the NDP candidates. In Al Raml more than 30 microbuses full of thugs accompanied by two taxis with Matrooh number plates 5551 and 5105 were stationed outside the polling stations.
All indications at Ibn Sina Schools Compound point to the full mobilisation of all polling stations and hence 100 additional thugs were ordered. At Al-Faloja School 20 thugs were gathered in front of the polling station waiting for the arrival of Rashad Farooq, the Raml District Intelligence Officer (Maaheth) and asked they replied that they had been forced to come against their wishes but because of pressure from the above mentioned officer.
Bab Sharq (East Door) Constituency:
A large number of the NDP-thugs as well as Amn-Markazi Police Soldiers (Amn Al Markasi ) carrying heavy batons and all dressed in white shirts with the “Islam is the Solution” slogan written on them were seen and filmed. Mr Saber Abo Al-Fotoh has announced that these thugs arrive in large numbers and they have started their unprovoked thuggery actions in Al-Ibrahimiya region at Wali Caffeteria, at schools where polling stations and at different places in an attempt to prevent the non-NDP voters, representatives and observers from reaching their polling stations and casting their votes.
Mina’s Al-Basal (the onion port) Constituency:
 In an unprecedented incident of its kind that unfolded in front of the eyes of residents who are predominantly MB supporters, the NDP has acquired the illegitimate votes of the strangers ( non-residents who come from different parts of the country outside the Alexandria Governorate whose votes have been bought by bribes and gifts-mainly money and/or clothes given to each and every non-resident) in a desperate attempt to rig the election results in favour of the NDP candidates who enjoy no sympathy nor any respect amongst the local residents. The local residents have witnessed and counted waves of strangers exceed 600 in front of Mina’a Al-Basal Police Station who boarded buses with number plates 501 Beherah, 471 Beherah, 331 Behera and 241 Beherah, and when asked about the reason for their early presence they replied that they came to obtain the Red Cards-polling cards- in order to vote for “Al Safi”, a nick name for Mohamed Abdol A’al Al-Sagheir, the NDP candidate.
Our sources have learned that large numbers of thugs receive their weapons-of batons, heavy sticks colloquially referred to as SHOOM and hoses) to prevent any voter who may seem to be going to vote for Dr Hamdi Hassan, or Mr Hosain Mohamed the MB literate and Labours and farmers candidates (colloquially referred to as Fe’at and Ommal & Falaheen as the current Egyptian Constitution dictates that 50% of parliament members should represent the then largely illiterate farmers and workers that is currently out of pace with social changes and progression within the society). It is worth mentioning that one of the State Security officers had rounded a large number of Mina’a Al-Basal’s thugs and given them clear orders to stand in front of all polling stations in order to prevent any voter who could potentially vote for the MB candidates.
Al-Dekhilah Constituency:
At 07:30 Am exact, some thugs had attacked attacked polling stations at Al-Ameriyah Primary School, breaking the doors and the windows in a show of violence to terrorise the two representatives of the MB candidates Dr Tawakol who were sitting inside the station. News coverage of the situation is ongoing.
At 08:00 Am sharp, our news correspondent in Makkah Street, Al-Bitash region, had informed us of the arrival of a taxi with registration number 5547 transporting 13 passengers accompanied with large police style bull dogs whereby they entered into the school and are still there. The coverage of the event is ongoing.
Karmooz Constituency:
Our correspondent has witnessed the presence of large numbers of thugs in front of all polling stations in Karmooz. They were transported in taxis at 06:00 Am early this morning to avoid being seen by local people. They were split in groups and.  distributed to various polling stations. Each group includes 4 women. They were seen carrying swords and some were armed with fire guns.
At Al-Zohoor School a large number of thugs had gathered carrying lethal swords. Our correspondents have informed us that thses thugs are preventing people from entering the polling station and when he tried to film them they were beaten up and eventually been kicked out.
Our Correspondent also informed us that a large number of microbuses have been stopped by the thugs and the security forces and been sent to Security Directorate HQ to bring in more thugs and more security police.
An urgent news just coming in; the courage and persistence of our supporters and affiliates has succeeded in defeating the thugs who are seen now retreating and clearing off the polling stations in Karmooz. We call on all honest people to stand firm and to be patient and remember that steadfastness is a prerequisite to victory.
The Nation’s Hope News Agency, Alexandria, Egypt
10.00 Am News Bulletin
News Coverage of the Second Stage of the Egyptian Parliamentary Election
Bab Sharq (East Door) Constituency:
A Group of thugs armed with axes and batons campaigning for Mohamed Moselhi broke into the Municipality Ward car park to terrorise electorates. They also did chase after photographers. The police officer in charge of the ward kicked out all ladies who represent the Ikhwan-Muslim Brotherhood, MB- candidates while allowing those who represent the ruling NDP candidates.
 Al Dekhila Constituency:
A group of 14 thugs armed with heavy sticks attacked electorates at Gayth Primary School where they preventing representatives from entering the polling station. At 8.30 Am they physically assaulted the representatives of Dr Tawakol at Al Bitash prep School polling station using batons, knives and sharp objects. They also attacked women representatives in a move to facilitate vote rigging.
Also at Belal Ibn Rabah primary school at Al-Dekhilah a group of thugs attacked representatives of Dr Tawakol and a follow up of events is ongoing.
At the Al-Fotoh School, Hanovile, El Agami the judge arrived late which lead to delay in opening the doors of the polling station (08:45) and electorates had not cast their votes till now. Also some local members of the NDP engaged in fighting with Dr Tawakol’s representatives. This has been followed by two of the police force, a lieutenant and a colonel, withdrawing the IDs and legal proxies from all of Dr Tawakol’s-the NDP competitor- representatives, Messrs Saeid Ghobashi and Nagi Abdolhadi way for vote rigging.
At Gayth School, in Borj Al Arab, the NDP-thugs have prevented representatives from entering the polling station as well as banning MB campaign posters outside the station. Also large trucks with Sohaj number plates were seen loaded of people carrying heavy sticks. Purchase of votes was evident and on display in the open.
At Khadeeja School in the Max area a group of NDP thugs attacked women voters with stones which had prompted all people including MB affiliates and supporters to challenge them and forced them to leave the polling station and to run away.
At Raghib School 20 of these thugs had chased after voters and bye standards waiving their swords in an attempt to prevent them from getting to the polling station. They also chased after our correspondent’s car who was filming them. The courage, determination and persistence of  the MB supporters which was evidently on display at numerous wards had paid dividend in the end as it lead to the retreat of thugs out of polling stations and to their departure.
At Omar Ibn Abdol Aziz school polling station, the thugs barricaded and threw people with empty bottles.
At Hamza School, the independent candidates and local residents paraded the surrounding streets urging people to stand firm to thugs and to endeavour to cast their votes. They were chanting slogans such as; Whoever is not keen and diligent in casting his or her vote is not also keen to preserve his or her integrity and that of his or her household (it is widely known that Arab in general and Egyptian in particular are very jealous and easily aroused if offended in their reputation and that of their spouses).
At Al Nile and Adnan Schools in Gheat Al Enab Region (Vineyard) the NDP thugs had gathered armed with swords, axes and heavy sticks terrorising non-NDP voters.
The NDP-thugs had started their skirmishes and attacks on the supporters of the MB candidate for Karmooz Constituency, Mr Mahmoud Attya, and prevented his representatives as well as observers from entering the poling station at Gheat Al Enab Al Gadida (new vineyard) School. There are 5 thugs at the Refa’I School in Gheat al Enab to prevent people from casting their votes to the independent candidates. There were attacks with swords at Al Zohoor’s (Flower) school with firing incidents. At present the Horrah-Liberal- satellite channel is broadcasting live in front of the Sadat School polling station in Karmooz and an interview with Mr Mahmoud Attya, the MB candidate, will be live at 09:30.
Ghorbal Constituency:
A Mazda microbus, number plate 553339 had left Moharam Bek Police Station driven by an officer and carrying thugs was seen cruising through the area. It was also carrying a large photo of Mr Ahmed Abdol Fattah Marzooq, the NDP candidate which has later been removed.
The Hope of  the Nation .Net
News Headlines at 11:00 Am
Stage 2 of the Parliamentary Election coverage of Alexandria Governorate
Al-Raml Constituency:
It was confirmed that 18 No taxis full of large crowd of people of the so called “Collective Electoral Vote Registration” (it is a new phenomena recently improvised by the ruling NDP by which they carry out last minute changes to already marred electoral list by adding names from a completely different constituency and some times fake names just hours before opening polling stations for voters thereby leaving no chance to opposition to legally challenge it in courts. Sometimes these added votes fter voting had took place to rig results as happened with MB candidate for Dokki region Mr Abo Isma’il in favour of the NDP candidate, Amal Othman, a government secretary of estate) were brought in and witnessed at Ibn-Sina’s School in the Subsidy& Fund Box region of Al-Raml Constituency.
Al-Montazah Constituency:
Large number of Buses with number plates “Delta West” were seen inside the Headquarter of the Central Security Forces-brutish Amn Markazi- in Sidi Bishr District to initiate the process of the Collective Electoral Vote Registration. The MB representatives were prevented from entering the polling station at the Al-Ra’as Al-Soda’a Al-Ziraeia (the Agricultural Black Head ) school at 07:30 sharp, a
Nd In Allah we entrust.
Our correspondent saw 3 microbuses with Alex people carrier number plates 337026,235797 and 905548 fully loaded with thugs who were armed with heavy sticks and knives early this morning in front of the Al-Mallah No 3 police station. They were heading towards the polling stations in Mandarah in the Black Head region whereby a large scale fraud and tampering with electoral lists had taken place to the effect of voters could not found their names at their respective wards and some times they found their names misspelled. This has happened at the Agricultural Secondary School and many other polling stations.
Al-Dekhilah Constituency:
As soon as local resident had filed a complaint with the police reporting the presence of thugs inside the Bitash Primary Girls’ School, the police had arrived with more thugs in a microbus carrying a Sohaj 26972 number plate. The thugs entered into the station under the full protection of the police forces. The thugs attacked the supporters of Dr Tawakol, the MB candidate using knives and swords where Mahmoud Hassan was seriously injured and been transported to Al-Wafa’a hospital in Al-Bitash main street. Also hired bedwins by Ragheb Dhaiyf, the NDP candidate,
at the King’s region attacked crowd of Dr Tawakol’s supporters in front of The King Primary School and had prevented their representatives from entering the polling station.
The Hope of  the Nation .Net
News Headlines at 12:00 Am
Stage 2 of the Parliamentary Election coverage of Alexandria Governorate
The arrest of  Rizq Soroor and Al-Saied Badr whom were picked up by police in front of Suzan Mubarak School in Borj Al-Arab and State Security Officers and NDP members are currently in full control of the polling station and preventing Dr Tawakol supporters from campaigning for him while only allowing the NDP representatives to distribute all sort of propaganda campaign for their candidate.
At 9:00Am a taxi with 3456Beherah number plate was seen in front of the State Intelligence Security local office in Al-Bitash where thugs were getting prepared for dispatch to to attack the polling stations under the protection and full co-ordination of these officers.
In a sudden development at Al-Max Prep School in Al-Dekhelah Constituency 100 supporters of  one of the candidates hit back at the thugs who were trying to spoil the election and inflicted some serious injuries on them, and one of those thugs is in critical situation in hospital.
Al-Jomrok (Customs) and Al-Manshiyah Constituencies:
In Al-Jomrok and specifically at Al-anfoshi polling station the thugs attacked the representatives and the locals with swords and broken bottles in front of the police forces who stood watching the events unfolding without any attempt to stop it. There is also news coming in of another convoy of thugs hops from a polling station to another throughout the whole of the constituency and they throw bottles at the local residents who are gathering outside polling stations.
At Al Mina’a Al-Sharqi School in Al-Jomrok Constituency the lady representatives of non-NDP candidates were attacked with swords and empty bottles which lead to the escape of all ladies and the prevention of lady voters from entering the polling station to cast their votes. At present there exist 15 thugs in front of the school to terrorsise ladies.
Mina’a Al-Basdal Constituency:
The latest news from there indicates that the vote price started with 70LE at the early hours and now reaches 150LE. Our correspondent confirmed the NDP is mobilising the masses because of the acute poverty of the people who live in the area.
Karmooz Constituency:
Thanks to Allah that the thugs were driven out of the following polling stations: Omar Ibn Abdol Aziz School, Raghib School, Al Nile School, Adnan Al-Madani School. This happened after the thugs were confronted and forced out of the area. Now voting process is coming back to normality in these stations. Also the MB supporters are trying to dispel the thugs of Al-Zohoor School and to bring some sort of law and order to it.
There are vicious and bloody massacres in the school compound in Al-Awaiyed and the Central Security forces had closed down the polling stations. Mr Hosni Gebrail , a leading member of the MB is currently in negotiations with the judges and the security police trying to re-open the polling stations.
Vicious and bloody confrontations between the NDP thugs and the Independent candidate and his supporters. At Fawzi Moa’az School In Somohah, the NDP-thugs have beaten the Ikhwan supporters and local residents and assaulted them with swords and knives whicl lead to stopping any movement in the street. It has been confirmed votes have been bought at a price of 30LE a vote.
Al Motazah:
Situation in general is still unchanged as previously reported. However in Suzan Mubarak’s Secondary School the overseeing Judge has put the ballot box on the floor next to him and refused to let the voters to drop their ballot cards inside the box themselves but insisted on collecting them at his desk. Our sources in the station informed us that one of the intelligence officers at the Montazah District went into Al-Ma’hasd Al Dini (the theological institute) Street wherby he picked up coaches of donkey-driven caravans and carriages as well as thugs and demanded that they bring along with them their personal knives, swords and the like to help out the NDP with their election fraud.
The NDP has established two brand-new wards that were not unknown to the public until the morning of the election. The first station is inside the Jam’eiat al-TawJeah Al-al Islami (The Islamic Guidance Institute) in Al-Asafrah area the council of which is headed by Ibrahim Shareef Ziydan, the NDP candidate for the Labours seat in the Constituency and the second inside the local offices of the NDP in Sidi Bishr Bahri (north) area, adjacent to Ramada Hotel wherby the ballot boxed in these two stations were fully packed by ballot papers ticked for the NDP candidates.
Al Mandarah and Al-Max Constituencies:
These areas have witnessed a vicious attacks by 5 of the NDP-thugs lead by Lieutenant Esam Hani, lieutenant Khairi Nassar and Lieutenant Mohamed Ezz.
Ghorbal Constituency:
A large number of forged ballot cards belongs to people from different governorates were confiscated. These cards were prepared by and ticked for the NDP candidate in the area, Mr Ahmed Marzooq.

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