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Brotherhood’s Politburo Chief In Sudan: Current Crisis Lies in Al Turabi, Al Mahdi
Brotherhood’s Politburo Chief In Sudan: Current Crisis Lies in Al Turabi, Al Mahdi
The head of the MB politburo in Sudan speaks about the situation on the ground in Darfur and MB relation with president Al Bashir’s regime and other Sudanese issues.
Wednesday, April 4,2007 23:29
by Al Saeed Al Abbadi IkhwanWeb
The head of the MB politburo in Sudan speaks about the situation on the ground in Darfur and MB relation with president Al Bashir"s regime and other Sudanese issues.
Ayyad Mohamed Al-Leila Abd Al-Rahman, the head of the political and media office of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) group in Sudan had an interview with Ikhwanweb on the sidelines of the Cairo fifth conference of the international campaign against American and Zionist occupation; he spoke about the status quo of the Darfur crisis and the MB relation with president Al Bashir"s regime and other Sudanese issues.
Regarding the crisis of Darfur, Ayyad said that the West deals with the crisis of Darfur as if it were the only crisis in this world which is actually laden with more serious and deadlier conflicts and crises;" We aren’t downplaying Darfur crisis, but we, the Muslim Brotherhood, are concerned and worried about it and feel pity for any victim in any of the hostilities taking place all over the world".
Ayyad pointed out that he visited Darfur Region, two weeks ago, and found that the media is overflowing and exaggerating the reality in this reality; the camps that the government established inside Darfur for the displaced and refugees are so much better than many regions inside the capital, Khartoum.
The MB official added that the Western media’s exaggeration for the crisis in Darfur is attributed to two main targets: firstly: aborting the Islamic project that president Al Bashir is adopting (although we aren’t totally agreeing with him and we have some reservations on this project); secondly: Humiliating the Sudanese government.
Ayyad pointed out that president Al Bashir has adopted some positive attitudes like vowing not to hand over any Sudanese to any foreign authority and also his outright rejection to allow any foreign forces to enter Darfur.
Concerning the Muslim Brotherhood’s role in solving the current crisis of Darfur, Ayyad said that aid is given to Darfur victims; “we established three villages in Darfur to relocate the displaced victims and there continuous aid campaigns carried out by the MB” he added.
Ayyad said that a delegation of Jordan’s Muslim Brotherhood group, topped by the MB Secretary General, Salem Falahat, visited Darfur region to know the truth of what is happening there.
Asked about assessing the Muslim Brotherhood’s participation in the Sudanese government, Ayyad said the experience of participating in the government and how far our targets from the participation have been achieved, are expected to be assessed within a few days.
Ayyad pointed out that the Muslim Brotherhood group participates in the current government with 11 leading positions; in the National Assembly, there are three MB leaders:
Dr. Al-Habr Youssef Nour Al-Dayem, the MB Undersecretary General and chairman of the education committee in the National Assembly
Dr. Al- Gawish, Mb Executive Bureau member
and Essam Youssef, the head of the MB’s Shura Council.
There are also:
Minister of State in the Ministry of Social Welfare and Women and Children’s Affairs, Dr. Sami Abdaldaem.
Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports in Red Sea State, Dr. Abu Bakr Al Dardiri.
Commissioner of the state of Al Qadarif, sheikh Seif Al-Din Al-Arbab
Commissioner  of the state of North Darfur, sheikh Ali Tangu
MP for State of AlJazeera, Al-Shaeikh Al-Tayyeb
MP for state of North of Kurdufane, sheikh Minnawi.
MP for State of Khartoum, sheikh Mirghany Hassan
MP for State of River Nile, Mohamed Al-Sir.
MP for State of Sinnar, Salah Al-Nour.
Asked about women"s role in the Muslim Brotherhood group in Sudan, Ayyad said:" Women have a role but it is still weak; we are working for activating this role inside the group".
Ayyad confirmed that the group leaders encourage and urge women to do more activities inside the group which doesn"t mind that women assume leading positions inside it.
Ayyad pointed out that the group"s view towards women is mainly coming from Islam that elevates the position of women and gives them all their rights.
Concerning the MB relation with other political powers, Ayyad said that the group has good relations with the group of Ansar Al-Sunna Al-Mohammediya and some other powers; "We are working for reaching out to all other political movements" he added.
Ayyad pointed out that the biggest problem of Sudan emerges from the mindsets of its leaders, specially Hassan Al-Turabi and Sadiq Al-Mahdi: both of them want to have the upper hand and to be number one in the Sudanese arena; both of them reject any political participation among various parties; this confirms that they seek a personal interests and glory and they don"t seek the public interest of Sudan and the Sudanese.
Ayyad confirmed that the only solution for the problem in Sudan is reaching national consensus and accord among all Sudanese political powers.

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