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Hamas Dismisses Zawahiri’s Criticism
Hamas Dismisses Zawahiri’s Criticism
Hamas movement responded to Al-Zawahiri’s tape aired on Al-Jazeera, defending its political attitudes and its participation in the political process.
Monday, May 7,2007 04:19

Hamas movement responded to Al-Zawahiri"s tape aired on Al-Jazeera, defending its political attitudes and its participation in the political process.
Al-Zawahiri Attacks
In a new footage aired by Al-Jazeera Satellite Channel, Dr. Ayman Al-Zawahiri, attacked Hamas movement"s involvement in the political process; this is the second time in which Al-Qaeda No. 2 attacks Hamas after he attacked the Islamic Resistance movement toughly after it signed Mecca Declaration deal with Fatah Movement.
Hamas Participates In the Political Process to Defend Palestinian Rights
For his part, Osama Hamdan, a Hamas leader in its representative in Lebanon, told Ikhwanweb that:" Al-Zawahiri"s statements and criticism towards Hamas movement have no effect on the movement"s attitude; this is because its participation in the political process and elections are due to the fact that all the movement members are fully convinced that there must be an effective political participation activate and maintain the resistance; we run the elections and participated in the government on the basis of th slogan ( a hand to build and another hand to resists.)
Hamdan added that Hamas participation in rule and the political process aim originally at supporting the Palestinian resistance against occupation forces; "this participation wasn"t a concession or abandonment of Islamic principles" added Hamdan .
Hamdan attacked Al-Zawahiri"s statements strongly, lamenting that such criticisms to Hamas movement come from a person who knows no information about facts in the Palestinian situation, a person who is actually a fugitive in the Afghan mountains .
The Hamas leader pointed out that Hamas movement accepts criticism from any person but a criticism which is based on sound information and logic; "What Al-Zawahiri said isn"t a criticism, it is an unjustified defamation and attack against Hamas movement and its leaders .
Hamdan called on Al-Zawahiri to reconsiders his political attitudes that harmed the Nation and to keep away from the Palestinian cause.

Hamdan confirmed that Al-Zawahiri continuous attack against Hamas and its leaders is a clear evidence that the Hamas ideology is miles away from the ideology of Al-Qaeda whose method is based on the absolute enemy which is contradicting with the Islamic principles and Sharia.


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