MB Will Soon Announce Its Political Party Program
MB Will Soon Announce Its Political Party Program
Sunday, June 24,2007 00:00
By Ikhwanweb

The Muslim Brotherhood has been accused of lagging in declaring the program of a party that MB leaders declared will be made public soon.
Asked about this issue, Dr. Mohamed Habib, the first deputy chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, told Ikhwanweb:
We are currently making a final review of the party program. Muslim Brotherhood members and leaders nationwide are sending their notes and evaluation about it. We will gather these notes and evaluate them with the program that will be offered to Egyptian intellectuals and politicians to make use of the discussions and feedback regarding it. After this it will be made public.
Habib confirmed that the Muslim Brotherhood is currently speaking about a program, not establishing a party. This is because the issue of establishing a party needs a program, founders and approval of the committee for parties affairs and others. We repeatedly said that we will not start the second step and will not submit a request to the committee of party affairs committee due to the current well- known conditions. We will not unilaterally declare party. We only declare this program of a party as a response to questions and raised inquiries around views of the Muslim Brotherhood towards all societal issues .