ACHR Denounces Preventing Observers From Attending MB Military Tribunals
ACHR Denounces Preventing Observers From Attending MB Military Tribunals
Sunday, August 5,2007 00:00
The Arab Commission for Human Rights has issued a statement. That statement was issued in order to stop the military tribunals hiding in political character and form.
The statement said, “The Arab Commission for Human Rights is watching the procedures of the seventh military tribunals in Egypt with great anxiety.
The importance of such tribunal is due to being the first tribunal of that kind after the constitutional amendments done on Egypt. Such amendments which were highly considered by different Arab and International Human Rights organizations, the amendment were believed to protect the basics of human rights guarantees in Egypt, and a great step to establish a state controlled by fair law.
The Arab Commission has held more than a seminar in Europe to introduce and discuss the current situation in Egypt. It also has had many calls to the delegation for Human Rights, European Parliament members, and NGOs to establish a whole body opposing political military tribunals. Such tribunals will leave a disastrous effect on the Human Rights’ status in Egypt and on the region in general.
For such reason, the Arab Commission for Human Rights has sent some delegates and representatives to observe sessions, as the session on June 2, 2007, and August 5, 2007. In addition, the Arab Committee has followed up the procedures of the session held on July, 2007 through co-operating with other organizations.
It’s worth mentioning that the statement had 2 important notes.
First, This is the first time ever an act like this one takes place. Such act of absolute denying access to all different observers from Arab and International organizations never happened since about 20 years ago.
Second, We are infront of a very important case that affects the economic, intellectual, educational, and political fields concerning both civil and political sides in any pure virtuous society.
At the end of the statement, the Arab Commission for Human Rights has condemned the act of the Egyptian authorities concerning denying access to all Arab and International observers. It denounces the continuation of such unfair farce.
The Arab Commission also demands stopping such military tribunals at once, and not involving the military law in political conflicts that way.
Dr. Violet Dagher stated, “The act of denying access can not be considered a political act at all. It has nothing to do with intelligence in dealing with political situation and civil society. The civil society and human rights organizations should have fair time to enter and observe the military tribunal, and even reveal whatever happens inside the court, in case what happens there is legal.”
Sameeh Kharees, Amnesty International Delegate and member of Jordanian Lawyers Syndicate, has commented on not attending the session saying, “It’s clear that there is a strategic decision to prevent all observers and human rights delegates from monitoring the session. It’s an act that contradicts with the Egyptian constitution, the defense guarantees, and the right of lawyers to defend the charged.”