12 yrs Child Tortured to Death by Policemen
12 yrs Child Tortured to Death by Policemen
Sunday, August 12,2007 20:39
Tortures are currently committed on a daily basis in Egyptian police stations. After the latest killings in which police elements killed a man in Tilbana and killed another at Al-Omraniya by throwing him from the fourth floor, the policemen committed even more horrible crimes. The latest victim is a child aged 12 years from the village of Shaha , Mansoura district.
Child Mohamed Mamdouh Abdul Rahman was arrested over the robbery of a shop neighboring his house.
The mother of the child Mohamed Mamdouh says that the police carried arrested her son. An officer called Sayed along with some policemen tortured him and and shocked him with electricity. We noticed signs of torture and burns on the child’s body and there was a deep cut in the left side of the child’s chest. All this appeared in the pictures of the child’s  body.
“After the tortures, the child was moved to Al Sadr Hospital At Mansoura” she said.
She went there to hospital to visit him but the doctor informed her that the child had a surgery in his chest.
Last Thursday, the child was found lying in Al-Darrasat street beside Shaha station. Some persons identified him and carried him to his family while he was in a coma.
The child’s mother took him to Mansoura university hospital and she informed the doctor that her child had a surgery in the chest at Al Sadr hospital. After the doctor examined him, he told her that the child didn’t have any surgery and he had a deep wound, not an operation.
The child died on Sunday morning, Aug., 12th, 2007, at 9.00AM. The specialized doctor didn’t give a permit to bury him and referred the case to the prosecution but no legal procedure has been taken yet.
It is worth mentioning that Egyptian media observed about 16 torture cases committed by Egyptian police during only last July.