Al-Shater’s Military Court Adjourned till next Wednesday
Al-Shater’s Military Court Adjourned till next Wednesday
Monday, August 27,2007 12:42
By Abdulrahman Ayyash
The Military Tribunal adjourned on Monday the trial of eng. Khairat Al-Shater, the second deputy chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) along with 32 MB leaders till next Wednesday.
During today’s session, the main prosecution witness in the case, State Security Investigations officer Atef Al Husseini, continued delivering his testimony.
Al Husseini was so nervous whenever he was interrogated today by the defence team to the extent that the defence team’s questions made him give contradictory answers and shout loudly "no no no".
In the defence team interrogation, Al Husseini said that Dr. Farid Galabt is a professor in the Faculty of Medicine although he is actually a professor in the Faculty of Sharia and Law.
He also insisted on his previous testimonies and that his sources be kept secret. He refused to giving any information about these sources. He was also repeating his previous answers and repeating phrases like:” see the investigation report, I keep this information to maintain secrecy of the follow-up, this information only concerns the work authority".
For his part, Abdul Moneim Abdul Maqsoud, the coordinator of the defence team, confirmed that these incidents confirm that the case is mainly politically motivated.
Abdul Maqsood pointed out in a statement to Ikhwanweb that the course of the case is moving towards one specific end. There is no effect on the court from the defense or the prosecution witness. All these measures are a mere farce, he said.
Abdul Maqsood said that continuously adjourning the court sessions for short periods of time confuses the defence team and confirms the Egyptian regime plans for seeking a quick end for the case regardless of any legal evidences or measures.