Turkey, Palestine, Morocco: No Welcome to Islamists
Turkey, Palestine, Morocco: No Welcome to Islamists
Thursday, August 30,2007 13:24
By Yasser Abu Hlala
Only in pagan religions, the one can justify why a man like Ataturk has been controlling the lives of people till nowadays. The man was buried while his statues are still dotted everywhere in Turkey . He has still followers in the army, justice, business and media who exactly copycat his revealed teachings, and piece of cloth covering the head of Abdullah Gul"s wife won"t be the last as it is divorced from the new paganism and the teachings of the founder of the Turkish republic!. The West collaborates with the these followers, wishing that the army could repeats its coups against Islamists.
In Palestine , the army can still carry out its coup against democracy. We don"t mean  here the security services that vanished within hours but we mean the Israeli army that carried out half a coup when it threw Palestinian legislative council (PLC) speaker, Dr. Aziz Duweik in prison, leaving only Prime Minister Ismail Haniya who may be targeted by a smart missile or a cell beside Duweik"s.
Meanwhile, condemnations continue against the Executive Force"s arrest of a fire shooter in a wedding or the arrest of a drug dealer.
The Moroccans may not reach the fait accompli in Turkey and Palestine , due to the expected rigging of results of the election which the Justice and Development Party (PJD) will sweep according to polls. This rigging is at best better than a coup. However, both cases will be welcomed by the West which will not cry over the Islamists.
What happens in the three countries reflect the moral collapse at the West and the pro-West elites. There is no respect to people"s choice. Only instant interests are respected.
The Islamists hasn never claimed that they are angels. They are always human beings who have the right, like others, to seize opportunities. Others used up all their opportunities and failed, a failure that Islamists haven"t achieved. The army generals hands in Turkey are stained with blood of leaders against whom they turned in addition to the burnt villages in the Kurdish regions. The Palestinian Authority"s violations are documented in reports of Human Rights Organizations. In Morocco , it is well-known how many violations and atrocities committed by Idris Al Basri, who died yesterday, before leaving power.
There are many differences  between the three experiences but it is the same situation. A non-welcome based on power. If the army can intervene, it intervenes. If it was difficult for it to intervene, it exercises its pressures, or at least it condemns. Muslim peoples are well-aware of this. Their disagreements with the West and their regimes will add fuel to fire. Violence preachers will have a more effective word.
A peaceful change culture can"t be reached without respecting ballot boxes. Ballot boxes aren"t respected in this very region in the world. Even after elections are held, fears hover for fear of army intervention, a national or occupation army. Have we ever heard after all these chaotic actions committed by Bush that the army issued a threat against him?. Have we ever heard that the Israeli military commanders dare to disobey orders of the political leaders or have these military commanders have ever intervened in the affairs of a civilian?. These interventions are committed only among Arab and Musli peoples.