"Egyptians against Torture" to Kick off
Saturday, September 8,2007 05:39
A number of anti-torture activists in Egypt call for establishing a committee called " Egyptians against Torture" to activate efforts of all those opposing systematic torture exercised by the Interior Ministry against Egyptian citizens.
The constitutive statement of the committee will be announced on Sunday, Sep., 9th, 2007 at the Press syndicate at 6.30PM CLT.
The founders of the committee call on all activists and specially Egyptian bloggers to contribute to establishing the committee that may be a strong defensive wall against torture.
Those thinking of founding this committee see that thanks to Egyptian bloggers many torture case have been exposed. So, they want all Egyptian bloggers nationwide across the political spectrum, including Muslim Brotherhood, leftists and independents to attend because the bloggers will be shouldered with the most important jobs in the fact-finding committee and the media work of this committee.
We hope all young men attend to establish a committee and contribute to stopping the series of systematic torture against all Egyptians, not only politicians.
The invitation is public next Sunday at 6.30PM in the Press Syndicate.