Hamdan: No Relation between Hamas, HLF
Hamdan: No Relation between Hamas, HLF
Sunday, September 23,2007 19:24

Osama Hamdan, Hamas movement representative in Lebanon , confirmed that there is no organizational or institutional relation between the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas and the US Holy Land Foundation(HLF).
Hamdan said in a phone call to Ikhwanweb that the Hamas movement is not related to the HLF, and does not receive any financing as stated in the report that mentioned national security implications for the trial of the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development in front of US authorities and was written by US intellectual Joseph Myers*.
The organization, known in Palestine as working for supporting the Palestinian people through offering of social and health services to victims there, was described in a report called national security implications for the trial of Holy Land Foundation as a terrorist organization that support Hamas with money through an international funding network.
Hamdan raised his eyebrows for mentioning a relation between Hamas and the Holy Land Foundation, the Hamas movement representative in Lebanon added:" The investigation into such issue has been closed.
This report about the national security implications for trial the stated organization was issued last September.
" We have repeatedly said that there is no relation between Hamas and the HLF. Why do they insist on such groundless claims?" added Osama Hamdan.
It is worth mentioning that many leaders of the Hamas movement declared in 2002, when the Holy Land Foundation was sealed off and charged of terrorism, that they do not have any organizational relation whatsoever with it.
The Holy Land Foundation was accused of terrorism and funding terrorist organizations according to the US expanded probe at that time. The Holy Land the American enterprise is health services and educational and service and wide to the affected Palestinians in Palestine . 

* Joseph Myers worked in the US intelligence agency affiliated to the Defense Department, serving as South America governor, and a top military analyst in Colombia , and he wrote about the national security, random military actions and terrorism issues!