Press Syndicate Holds Meeting for the American delegatation Tomorrow
Press Syndicate Holds Meeting for the American delegatation Tomorrow
Monday, September 24,2007 16:48
The American delegatation visitng Egypt to monitor the 15th session of the MB military tribunal will be holding a press conference at the Egyptian Press Syndicate today (Tuesday. Sept. 25, 2007).

Egyptian security authorities have barred both Mr. Khurrum Wahid, a US well-known civil human rights activist, and Mrs. Nurah Rosalie P. Jeter, a US Top Human Rights activist, and Founder and Executive Director of the Muslim Women’s Institute for Research and Development (MWIRD), from attending the court session before which 40 Muslim Brotherhood leaders includingKhairat Al Shater, the second deputy chairman of the group, stand.

Jeter said that she would attend today"s conference in order to call for the necessity of making a change in the current Egyptian governmental policies, adding that she would call for having a fair trial for everyone inside and outside Egypt.
Wahid asserted that "All civilians deserve to be referred to fair and just civil courts." He added that his intention from the conference is to "tell the whole world that the Egyptian government should not have a double-treatment. Those MB leaders are total civilians. Hence, they should be tried at a fair civilian court."

Wahid hoped there would be a positive reaction from the US administration towards the case of referring civilians to military tribunals.
"The American government should oppose to what is happening here in Egypt," he said

It’s worth mentioning that today’s press conference is arranged with the coordination of the MB defense panel.