IAF Statement Over Attitude towards arming Tribes, Militant Groups
IAF Statement Over Attitude towards arming Tribes, Militant Groups
Thursday, October 4,2007 19:18
Throughout the past four years, our beloved country has been suffering from hideous terrorist crimes committed against Iraqi people. This terrorism, coming from across borders, lost momentum only after Iraqi tribes and residents started to fight it and clear the regions of it. Residents have been keeping security supporting the Armed Forces and the multinational forces, leading to restoring security and order in Al Anbar and parts of Diyala, Salah Ad-Din and Baghdad. What"s currently required is to apply this in all volatile governorates, including the capital Baghdad .
Unfortunately, the security file has been and is still run according to a one-sided vision by one sect. The position of General Commander of the Armed Forces was so hideously exploited and the Armed Forces have become accordingly politically motivated. We are extremely worried that the security file is still run by this unilateral side. The formation of security services still needs to be reconsidered and the security institutions need to cleared of many militias leaders and death squads that sneaked into the Armed Forces all of a sudden and demolished their proficiency and deformed their noble national purposes .
While appreciating the role of the brave tribes and the armed groups that confronted the terrorist attacks coming from abroad, the Iraqi Accordance Front (IAF) strongly condemn what was mentioned in the statement of the United Iraqi Alliance (UIA) over its opinion about recruiting armed groups and tribes in troubled areas. The IAF sees this statement as a strategic retreat on the part of the UIA from the important files like the national reconciliation and power-sharing after such topics were agreed upon in the meetings of leaders and the And the preparatory committee and the coalition list agreed on it and the preparatory committee and this was also approved by the UIA. .
We do not know whether the others have been alarmed by restoring a relative clam and controlling terrorism and curbing abuses of the criminal militias that exercised and are still exercising sectarian cleansing in beloved Baghdad about which a suspicious political leading figure boasted saying proudly:
(Baghdad battle has been settled for the sect of the..... and Baghdad has only 15% of Sunni Arabs). It is actually unreasonable to abort the entire project due to misleading allegations which still need to be investigated. What does the UIA want more than that people volunteer and sacrifice themselves through fighting the Sunni and Shiite terrorism. We do not know any proof more than this to prove the good intentions of those who sacrificed every thing to fight terrorism and realize peace in a project which doesn"t belong to the Americans but it it belongs to the awakening of the tribes and residents who imposed themselves after expelling terrorism while the Americans were obliged to support what others failed to realize.
The Iraqi Accordance Front demands the United Iraqi Alliance respect what it signed and demands the Iraqi government recruit armed groups and tribal rebels in its official institutions to start establishing the real national reconciliation project that aims to restore security and stability to Iraq and help displaced persons to return to their regions and give every one their rights.
Iraqi Accordance Front
22 Ramadan 1428
Oct., 4th, 2007