Al-Hashimi proposes new initiative to end Iraq crisis
Al-Hashimi proposes new initiative to end Iraq crisis
Friday, October 5,2007 00:28
Iraqi Vice president and head of Islamic Iraqi Party Tariq al-Hashimi said in a press conference on Wednesday 26/9/2007 that he proposed the initiative of Iraqi national unity to end up deteriorating status of Iraq . He pointed that reasons that stand behind such crisis are mutual mistrust and doubts among Iraqi people whether involved in political process or not.
Al-Hashimi confirmed in statement that accordance between Iraqis is the cornerstone of union in order to conciliate between ideas and to feature a new Iraq . Accordance is the way for co-existence, as it frames the features of participation, power and its approaches, federalism and other issues that fuel the Iraqi disunity.
He added that the experience in political process during the last four years proved that supervision is a persistent matter and it seems that political activists are still hesitant in giving crucial decisions in the issue so far.  
Upon a question from one of journalists regarding the range of the project, he said that it would be on a wide range, and cleric references will give their opinion in the case because their role is momentous in framing the public opinion. The project will be propounded before their eminences to discuss it face to face. He pointed that he will pay a visit to specific references sooner to review the initiative.  
 Regarding International community, Hashimi said that UN should have a foothold as well as Arab league which should assume a regional role. He added that key countries should give support like neighboring ones and they should give their opinions on matters and they should be keen on maintaining the stability of Iraq . 
  Iraqi National initiative proposed by Al-Hashimi includes 25 points that should be agreed on to conclude a united approach in solving the Iraqi crisis
Full statement for the Iraqi National Initiative
Four years have passed since Iraq ’s occupation; this resulted in complete lack of security and instability. Matters are going worse in all domains despite all efforts, funds and sacrifices given to make the stumbling political process succeed, regardless of several conferences and agreements being held and the most prominent of which was the final statement for National Conciliation issued in November 2006 besides Mecca article issued later in 2006 and Sharm Al-Sheikh article. 
All this failure despite efforts indicates that there are massive challenges that confront Iraqi people.
Disparity in views is attributed mainly to the mutual feelings of fear and the spread of mistrust among people not only among those involved in political process but even others who are not politically active. Thence, the cornerstone is accordance among Iraqis in order to reconcile between views and to feature a new Iraq . Accordance is the way for co-existence, as it frames the features of participation, power and its approaches, federalism and other issues that fuel the Iraqi disunity.
 In short, since the target is to overcome key obstacles through accordance on persistent issues to maintain peace and stability. Thus the main solution is to unify approaches in basic issues.
Experience of political process during the last four years proved that supervision is a persistent matter and it seems that political activists are still hesitant in giving decisive decisions in the issue so far. Although meetings were –in camera; yet it is time to meet and speak explicitly on basic issues.
 Accordingly, basic issues are to be agreed on are as follows:
1-    All Iraqis are equal before law, in rights and duties, regardless of religion, race, sect or political affiliation. The main principle is Iraqi citizenship regardless of sectarian or partisan affiliation.
2- Racial and religious diversity as well as disparities in opinions and approaches are sound phenomenon however should be employed for maintaining Iraq ’s unity and not for division. Co-Existence is important on the basics of national affiliation.
3- Crimes perpetrated on identity motives are a kind of prohibited corruption on earth and should be disavowed
4-Iraqi lives are defended and no one shall harass an Iraqi, intimidate or kill on sectarian, racial and national basis
5-To renounce extremism and excommunication, to reject libels and defamations 
6-Worship places are sacred places whether mosques, Husseiniyat or, non-Muslim worship places. No one shall have the right to attack such places or confiscate them.
7- The Iraqi issue is a national one where Iraqis react to independently and reject any foreign intervention. Priority is given to the affiliation to home. All shall keep bilateral ties with all countries of the world especially Arab countries and neighboring ones
8-Public jobs are provided for serving home and citizens. They are not confined to a specific sect or party. Jobs are available for all and all are to compete to in accordance to qualifications and integrity. No firing or exclusion shall take place unless according to law.  
 9- Legitimacy of the ruler shall come through ballots and through free elections in accordance to democratic mechanisms. Autocratic regimes shall not rule regardless of policies or approaches. Legitimacy shall not be applicable in case of seizing power. Power succession shall be through peaceful means.
10- Iraq is a free independent federal unified country ran by a government of elected and civil institutions that respect Islamic values and abide by justice and reject autocracy
11- Running Iraq shall be through national accordance. Pending problems shall be solved peacefully and through political process..
12-Kurdistan region is a special case that is agreed on nationally. Kurds have their own policies in running their affairs according to constitution while pending problems are to be solved through accordance.
13- To confirm the Islamic Iraqi identity
 14- Iraq is run by civil, modern and strong government that adopt national approach and able to take crucial resolutions in imposing security and quelling militias that challenge its power or seeks to seize power.
15- To renounce violence and terrorism in all forms whatever the source in order to maintain social security and civil peace through an integrated counter-terrorism program, dismantling militias and outlaws
16- Approving the right of multiplicity, accepting other’s right and peaceful power succession
17- Abiding by Human rights charter, prohibiting torture, considering prisons as rehabilitation bodies and not for revenge.
8- Protecting public funds is all-responsibility where all shall work to stop wasting public funds.
19- Real national conciliation is a reflection to tolerance policy that units all in return for abandoning the use of weapons and indicates that all agree on free democratic federal multi-lateral Iraq where all abide by democratic approach and all shall renounce violence or seizing power by force.
20- Constitution is a social contract that all Iraqis are to abide with and should be devised upon consensus
21- real partnership means real opportunities before all to assume duties in running the state without any marginalization according to constitution
22- Armed forces belong to all Iraqis and are to be loyal to the state and not to a party or sect. Armed forces should be neutral and their main duty is to impose security and protect the state and weapons are confined to the state. No permission shall be given to form militias unless in accordance to constitution.
23- Natural resources are stated in constitutions as owned to Iraqi people and are run by the government in accordance to policies, laws and proceedings
24- Resistance is a legitimate right to all occupied people while terrorism is not a resistance
25- Media discourse shall be employed for common weal.
 Agreement on aforesaid items shall be carried out as follows:
1-    Referendum
2-    The agreement among main political entities through direct dialogue
3-    Public assembly attended by parties and international organizations and religious and political  figures involved in politics or not
4-    UN or Arab league and neighboring countries shall participate
5-     A statement shall be issued publicly to assert real intentions of all signed that they are to abide by items and fix a schedule.
6-    Concerned countries are to assume their duties in regulating and inspecting through related committees that subject to accountability.