4 Helwan MB Students Dismissed
4 Helwan MB Students Dismissed
Friday, October 26,2007 17:31
The dean of the Faculty of Social Work, Helwan University , issued on Wednesday Oct, 24th, 2007 , of decision dismissing 4 Muslim Brotherhood (MB) students for a semester. The dismissed students are Ali Abdul Razek Ali, Mostafa Abdul Halim,
Muhammad Abdul Aati, Ali Al Saeed.
Ikhwanweb correspondent Ikhwanweb reported that about one hundred students gathered in front of the office of the dean of the Faculty of Social Work, protesting at these arbitrary decisions against the students.
The students staged a sit-in and chanted slogans against these arbitrary decisions that turned Egyptian universities into military barracks and a place for political disagreements, instead of being a place for studying and helping young men exercise democracy and freedom of expression.
The dean met 4 students in front of his office, representing the dismissed students, but the meeting included also a number of university guard chiefs.
The faculty dean dismissed the students" request of keeping the university guard outside the office and that the meeting becomes confined to the students and the dean.
The faculty dean rejected the students demand of canceling the dismissal decision under the claim that this dismissal has been issued and that he can"t backtrack from his decision or reinstate these students to the university. He added that what the students can do is submit a complaint to the same dean who dismissed the on the previous day.
It is worth mentioning that 3 of the four dismissed students were dismissed last year for two years but they were reinstated to the faculty after winning a ruling from the Administrative Court .