8 Secondary School Students Detained in Al Fayyum
8 Secondary School Students Detained in Al Fayyum
Saturday, October 27,2007 09:50
By Hossam Khalil
State security forces at Youssef Al Seddiq police station, Al Fayyum, arrested at 2.00AM on Friday secondary school students after raiding their houses in the dead of the night. The state security forces raided several houses in villages of Al-Mushrik Qibly and Ghidan and arrested eight after intimidating residents in both villages.
The secondary school student, Abdul Rahman Mohamed Fadloun, was stunned on Friday at dawn Oct, 26th, 2007, by state security forces that stormed the house and barbarically turned it upside-down. Then, they arrested him.
After that, they arrested in the same night Mohamed Salah Ali Aziz, a third year secondary student, Ahmed Salah Abdul Moneim, a student at Cairo faculty of veterinary medicine .
The state security forces arrested also Abdul Rahman Abdul Bari, a teacher, and Gamal Abdul Khalek.