Mashaal: Ready to Hand Palestinian Presidential Premises Only After National Accord, National Securi
Mashaal: Ready to Hand Palestinian Presidential Premises Only After National Accord, National Securi
Saturday, December 15,2007 07:02
Khalid Mashaal, Hamas Movement"s politburo chief, said that his ongoing visits to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Qatar are a part of a series of visits that will include other stops " to discuss the current stage and its reflections in the Palestinians and the Arab situation" aiming to lay down "a unified Palestinian strategy with a unified Arab strategy to confront dangers of Annapolis which are sought to impose a settlement which is settled for Israelis". In this context, he called on Arabs and Palestinian for not conceding any thing for free and not to allow any more divisions among the Palestinians.
Mashaal said in a press conference with journalists in Doha:" We discussed with Saudi leaders the current stage, including Palestinian rights, our feeling of the dangers surrounding Jerusalem, the right to return and other rights", describing his talks in Saudi Arabia as "fruitful" and that " it is too early to speak about results, but the talks are still going on".
Asked whether he presented any specific views or ideas in Saudi Arabia and during later visits, he said that:" Hamas offered to all mediators in the inter-Palestinian dialogue a detailed project of nine points including: stressing that the west Bank and Gaza are geographically unified, a unified Palestinian Authority and government, respecting all authorities (the presidential and legislative authorities), respecting law and law enforcement, respecting rules of democracy, respecting references of the Cairo Agreement, National Accord document, Mecca agreement, and the agreement on forming a national unity government".
Mashaal said the current round of Israeli - Palestinian talks is "actually disappointing for the Palestinian negotiators", confirming that Israel wants to delay rights and overwhelm the Palestinians with details. He also warned of three ensuing dangers expected from Annapolis conference: Exploiting it as a cover for escalating Israeli aggression on Gaza , threatening with invading Gaza and launching a security escalation in the West Bank .
In this context, Mashaal condemned the Palestinian Authority and Salam Fayyad"s government which have been tormenting and oppressing people since last June under pretext of fighting Hamas, and both of them are launching a war on civil institutions". Mashaal said that the Israeli plan aims to fill the West Bank with more domestic repression and infighting and bursting the inter-Palestinian situation.
Mashaal added that the post-Annapolis third danger may the Israeli conduct in 2008 during futile and absurd rounds of talks. He expected that 2008 will yield worse results with Israel "s swallowing more lands, Israeli expansion and driving the Palestinians into more infighting and conflict through absurd talks. Mashaal described the post-Annapolis stage as more absurd than Annapolis itself.
Mashaal said he sent messages to Arab leaders and leaders of Gulf Cooperation Council countries during the last Doha summit and European countries in which he called for ending the blockade imposed on Gaza, seeing that maintaining the blockade on Gaza as a crime, and said:" End the blockade quickly regardless of the political rows".
"There are promises regarding ending the blockade, but we want them to be translated into tangible steps", said the Palestinian leader adding that "there are 16 thousand employees, mostly from Fatah, whose salaries have been suspended by Fayyad"s government and Abbas"s PA".
Asked whether there is any development concerning the dialogue between both Fatah and Hamas movements, he said there is no specific development or initiative at the present time, but he stressed that " We are interested in reaching unity and heal the current crack through specific steps".
He said also that Hamas is ready to hand over the Palestinian presidential premises" From this moment, but only after a national agreement is reached and nationally approved security services are created".
"We will never accept a return to any security mess. The Gaza people don"t accept any return to chaos", he said.