Arab Rights Groups Denounce Prolonging Bisharat’s Detention
Arab Rights Groups Denounce Prolonging Bisharat’s Detention
Monday, December 24,2007 07:46
Many Arab human rights organizations denounced prolonging the administrative detention of Mohammed Mustafa Bisharat, the director of the Nablus-based Nafha Society for the Defense of Prisoners’ Rights, for more four months. Bisharat, 30, is a prominent figure in defending prisoners rights, specially Palestinian prisoners.
Mohammed Mustafa Bisharat was arrested was arrested by Israeli Occupation Forces on August, 2nd, 2007, after he received an invitation from the Italian union to attend an anti-torture conference which was scheduled to be held in the Jordanian capital. This was the second time in which Mohamed Bisharat"s administrative detention is prolonged.
For its part, Ahrar center for prisoners studies confirms that Israel premeditatedly arrests activists in the field of defending prisoners, from arresting Bisharat to Saed Yassin, the director f the society of prisoner supporters in the north, to undermine institutions working in the field of defending rights of prisoners.
The rights organizations demanded, in a statement, all human rights activists and societies defending prisoners to immediately intervene to have Mohamed Bisharat released, specially that he suffers from kidney troubles.