MB Parliamentarians Demand Gov’t End Gaza Blockade
MB Parliamentarians Demand Gov’t End Gaza Blockade
Wednesday, December 26,2007 17:42
By Nadine Abdullah
Saad Al Husseini, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood"s (MB) parliamentary bloc, called on the Egyptian government to do more efforts for the Palestinian cause through ending the blockade imposed on Gaza Strip. This came in an urgent statement submitted to the Egyptian Prime Minister and Foreign Minister confirming that Egypt must have an important role in order to establish a dialogue between various Palestinian factions.
This comes as the second round of Israeli-Palestinian talks are held to discuss final status solutions. These talks revealed more plans from the Israeli government to expand two settlements in the Palestinian territories. This was said by Israeli minister Yuli Tamir in statements which were rejected by Mahmoud Abbas who confirmed that Israel must abide by the road map.
Al Husseini said in his statement that Egypt is seeking to provide Israeli territories with the Egyptian gas at a lower cost, while Gaza Strip suffers from lacking fuel. This is actually considered a genocide against the Palestinians, according to Al Husseini.
He also demanded carrying out two projects for supplying Gaza Strip with all gas and power demands.
Al Husseini wondered about the obstacles preventing Egypt from opening Rafah Crossing to easing the grip on the Palestinians, in addition to the measures that the government plans to take to ease the blockade on Gaza Strip and to prevent the Israelis from targeting the Gazans with mass punishments.
For his part, Hussein Ibrahim, the MB parliamentary bloc deputy chief, told Ikhwanweb that:" It is very clear that Egypt "s role is severely eroding on the regional level. Egypt had in the past a weight and a distinguished role in solving crises in the world. If Egypt intervened to solve nowadays problems like the past, the Arab situation would be better.
He added that Egypt shouldn"t participate in tightening the grip on Gaza . "What Arab countries did was declaring that Gaza Strip is an occupied strip. Does this allow Egypt to take part in this humanitarian tragedy taking place everyday on Gaza Strip through participating in toughening living and economic conditions for the strip residents. Does this make it insist on not opening Rafah crossing because Gaza Strip is "an occupied strip!.