Zionist settlers set fire to historical mosque
Zionist settlers set fire to historical mosque
Wednesday, January 2,2008 04:12

Zionist settlers broke into and set fire in one of the historical mosques in Khader village, west of Bethlehem city, on Tuesday evening.

Tawfik Salah, deputy mayor of the village, said that six settlers from a settlement near the Faghur area set a huge fire to the Hamidia mosque.

He said that the citizens finished their Asr (afternoon) prayers and the Awkaf official closed the mosque before the settlers stormed and set it on fire.

Salah described the act as "criminal", and added that the PA Awkaf department was notified in order to file a complaint with the Hebrew state to prosecute the culprits.

The mosque was built during the era of Salahuddin Al-Ayubi almost 800 years ago and is considered one of the important historical buildings in the village.