Palestinian prisoner died after taking Israeli medicine
Palestinian prisoner died after taking Israeli medicine
Saturday, January 5,2008 03:49

Palestinian prisoner Fadi Abul Rub died in captivity after taking an Israeli prescribed medication that was not followed by proper treatment by the Israeli prisons authority, two Palestinian legal institutions revealed.

The prisoners" studies center and the prisoners and martyrs institution quoted the lawyer who met Abul Rub in Jalbo prison before his death as saying that the internee went to the prison"s dental clinic on 17/12/2008 where his gum was injured.

The clinic asked him to take Metroniazole 250 tablets, the lawyer said quoting Abul Rub, and added that one hour after taking the medication he started to vomit and suffered from fever as his skin turned yellow.

The lawyer said that prisoners took Abul Rub to the clinic the next day where doctors took a sample of his medication, and added that over 12 days after taking the medicine he daily went to the clinic.

Prisoners told the lawyer that they explained Abul Rub"s condition to the officers but they did not care, and his condition worsened to the extent he could not stand on his feet.

Over 12 days doctors only gave him glucose and said that he suffered hypertension and weakness of the heart, prisoners said, adding that one day before his death his skin turned blue and his condition rapidly deteriorated. The next day the prison administration told them Abul Rub died but did not reveal the cause of his death.

Many Palestinian prisoners have died in Israeli occupation jails in suspicious circumstances including medical neglect. Palestinian legal institutions charged Israeli doctors with collision in that neglect that leads to slow death and serious health problems.