Speedy IOF jeep runs over little Palestinian girl in Nablus
Speedy IOF jeep runs over little Palestinian girl in Nablus
Saturday, January 12,2008 21:27

An IOF speedy jeep hit a little Palestinian girl called Jihan Samaro from the Hawara town south of Nablus city, northern West Bank, while trying to cross to the other side of a main road with her mother.Eyewitnesses said that the little girl sustained many bruises and a badly broken foot. The jeep fled the scene immediately after hitting the girl, the eyewitnesses added.

In another development, the IOF troops in more than 40 armored vehicles at dawn Saturday invaded the Aqraba town east of Nablus city and stormed and ransacked several houses before withdrawing this morning without any reported arrests or confrontations.In retaliation to the Israeli ongoing aggressions against the Palestinian people, the Quds Brigades, the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad Movement, claimed responsibility for firing a barrage of bullets at an Israeli military checkpoint near the Qabatia town south of Jenin city, northern West Bank, which prompted panicked IOF soldiers to retaliate with intensive machinegun fire.

In the Gaza Strip, the Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades, the PFLP armed wing, took the credit for firing ten locally made missiles at the Israeli settlement of Sderot on Saturday. It said the attack was a natural response to the IOF continued aggression on the Palestinian people.For its part, the Salahuddin Brigades, the armed wing of the popular resistance committees, said its fighters fired an upgraded home made missile Friday night at Sderot.