Al-Shater’s health Prevents Him From Attending Monday’s Court Session
Al-Shater’s health Prevents Him From Attending Monday’s Court Session
Tuesday, January 15,2008 06:56
The Military Court will resume its sessions on Tuesday (Jan, 15th, 2007) in the trial against 40 Muslim Brotherhood (MB) leaders topped by Eng. Khairat Al Shater, second deputy chairman of the group, and Dr. Mohamed Ali Beshr, a member of the MB Executive Bureau.
Today’s session witnessed the pleading of lawyer Sayeb Al-Sobki who stated that all the investigation reports in that case were false, confirming his statement by saying that a number of reports were written exactly on the same time.
Today’s pleading was for Dr. Abdurrahman Saudi, Eng. Osama Sherbi, Sadeq Al-Sharqawi, and Yasser Abdou.
It’s worth mentioning that today’s session(Jan., 14th) has witnessed the absence of “Khairat Al-Shater” as he got very sick and had a diabetic coma. One of the main reasons behind the deterioration of the detainees’ health may be the quick accelerating sessions of the military tribunal set within short periods and continue for many hours.
Lawyer Saeed Sadeq has sent a proclamation to the court accusing the prosecution of trying to kill “Hassan Zalat”, one of the MB detainees, adding that his proclamation and accusation is based on the article 230 of the punishment law, adding that the prosecution are not taking the matter of Zalat’s illness seriously. They refuse to offer him any medication or send him to a respectable hospital though Zalat’s medical condition is quite critical.
Saeed Sadeq confirmed to the court that Zalat’s condition is deteriorating day by day in which his life is threatened. He demanded the immediate release for his client “Hassan Zalat”.
On the other hand, the court has asked “Sadeq” to prepare a communique to the military prosecutor to investigate the incident.