Habib : IOF’s Zeitoun District Massacre First Result of Bush’s Regional Visit
Habib : IOF’s Zeitoun District Massacre First Result of Bush’s Regional Visit
Tuesday, January 15,2008 13:11
Dr. Mohamed Habib, the first deputy chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood group, strongly denounced crimes and violations committed on a daily basis by Israeli occupation forces (IOF), the latest of which was the land and air attack carried out by the IOF on Tuesday morning, Jan, 15th, 2008, in Zeitoun district in Gaza Strip .
Tuesday"s attack claimed 17 deaths and dozens of critically injured civilians. The deaths included Hossam, son of the Mahmoud Al-Zahar, the Hamas leader and the former Foreign Minister. The Israeli escalation claimed deaths from both Hamas militants and Palestinian civilians.
Habib confirmed that this massacre is considered a present from the IOF to the US President George Bush, confirming that it is- the massacre- one of the first results of Bush"s Middle East tour, results which are on the increase during his tour that started in Palestine and Israel some days ago .
Habib called on the Arab and Islamic peoples to immediately move to stop this escalation and to stop this state of submissiveness and humiliation in front of Israel and the US administration.
The MB leader has called on also  the various Palestinian factions to close ranks, pointing out that these negotiations are merely another step towards conceding the rights of the Palestinian people. This is because such daily spates of violations against the Palestinian people confirm that Israel doesn"t seek any peace.
For his part, Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said in a statement that "Hamas sees that this Zionist massacre is a natural result of Bush"s visit and due to the cover he provided for the IOF government to broaden its war against our Palestinian people, especially in Gaza Strip".
"The negotiations taking place between the Palestinian authority and occupation under these hideous Zionist crimes are useless and absurd negotiations", said Abu Zuhri, adding that the Palestinian Authority"s insistence on holding those negotiations despite these daily crimes is also a crime that must come to a halt.