Muslim Brotherhood Issues Statement over Price Hikes, Social Injustice in Egypt
Muslim Brotherhood Issues Statement over Price Hikes, Social Injustice in Egypt
Friday, January 18,2008 03:03
Most Egyptian people are suffering nowadays from many economic and social problems that pushed some Egyptian people towards the circle of social corruption and pushed them to commit corruption crimes in the country. They even forced them to illegal migration after losing any hope for their homeland to secure them job opportunities or a decent life.
The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) group in Egypt has issued a statement about the social injustice and high prices facing the Egyptian society. The statement attributed what is happening in Egypt to the unprecedented spread of corruption which the country didn"t witness during the monarchy or the socialist era.
This corruption surfaced and emerged only when a clique of business moguls turned into politicians and looted the wealth of the country sending it down to an ocean of domestic and foreign debts as the people in charge lack transparency and honesty in their dealings. Strategic production has been neglected, the public sector factories and banks have been sold and public services and facilities have been ignored causing many disasters in Egypt , according to the statement.
 Mohamed Mahdi Akef, the MB Chairman, said in the statement that the ruling regime has turned a deaf ear to calls for reform and ignored reform in all fields throughout the past twenty five years under claims of giving a priority to economic reform. The result of this negligence is that most Egyptian people are under the line of poverty feeling the pains of economic crunches, price hikes, unemployment and diseases.
He saw also that the continuous spread of corruption in the country presage many other problems. Workers can"t address the subsistence minimum due to the high prices and low salaries level suffers while those unemployed are easy preys to the mushrooming social corruption.
All this is a fertile soil for committing embezzlements, briberies and forgeries to confront this soaring rises of prices. Some citizens even travel to Israel to work as spies on their homeland after poverty and government negligence gave a deathblow to their patriotism.
On the other hand, this corruption and the high prices presage a hunger revolution whose repercussions may affect every one. The statement cited 2007 which witnessed hundreds of sit-ins and strikes from all sections of the Egyptian society.
The Muslim Brotherhood sent this statement as a wakeup call to people in charge of the country and businessmen to stop their corruption and tyranny because injustice isn"t confined to the monopoly of power in the politician circles including rigging elections convicting innocent people under the unfair emergency law and halting freedoms. The social injustice presage many more disasters on the country.
The statement cited also reports and surveys conducted by international organizations, pointing out any report that international organizations release about transparency, encouraging investment or easing the performance, puts Egypt at the end of the list of all countries while Egypt also is leading surveys about countries in which corruption, bribing and bureaucracy are spread.