Releases Start for MBs Detained in Gaza Demonstrations
Releases Start for MBs Detained in Gaza Demonstrations
Thursday, January 24,2008 07:29
Egyptian police released on Wednesday evening Jan, 23rd, 2008, 240 Muslim Brotherhood (MB) members and leaders detained from streets leading to Tahrir Square and Egyptian bar association in Cairo downtown in demonstrations calling for lifting the blockade imposed on Gaza.
For his part, Abdul Moneim Abdul Maqsoud, the Muslim Brotherhood lawyer, told Ikhwanweb that he doesn"t expect other detainees to be released although he confirmed that no charges have been filed against any of them. He added that they are under arrest in the Cairo-based central security camps.
As for other MB detainees rounded up nationwide on Wednesday dawn Jan, 23rd, 2008, up to 200 detainees, no release has been issued for any one of them because they, Abdul Maqsoud says, will appear before the state security prosecution within days.
It is worth mentioning that Egyptian security forces arrested last Wednesday at dawn many Muslim Brotherhood leaders in several Egypt governorates, up to 200 detainees, and rounded up about 2000 persons from Cairo streets but this number decreased to about 1760 detainees belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood and other Egyptian political parties and movements.