Tadamun: IOF troops Killed 96 Palestinians in January
Tadamun: IOF troops Killed 96 Palestinians in January
Saturday, February 2,2008 17:12

The international Tadamun (solidarity) society for human rights revealed in its monthly report that the IOF troops killed in January 96 Palestinian citizens mostly in the Gaza Strip including 10 children as a result of the latest Israeli escalations against the Strip.The IOF troops killed 87 Palestinians in Gaza alone and 9 in the West Bank including a number of children and 10 women, nine of them were killed in the Strip, according to the report which was received by the PIC.

The Tadamun opined that these fresh statistics bear out that the Israeli occupation escalated its crimes against the Palestinians through using practices beyond the scope of the law represented mainly in executions and assassinations against Palestinians despite international conventions and international humanitarian laws proscribing such crimes.The report also said that the IOF troops escalated their kidnapping campaigns during the same month where they abducted more than 540 Palestinians including 50 children and three women most of them from the Gaza Strip in addition to dozens of Palestinian workers who were kidnapped at the pretext of entering the Palestinian lands occupied in 1948 without access permits. 

In another serious development, the IOF southern command decided during a security assessment meeting to raise the level of alert among its troops on the border between Egypt and Gaza. The reason behind this decision is related to alleged fears by Israeli security and military leaders that armed Palestinians had infiltrated into the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula during the massive influx of Palestinians into Egyptian lands after breaking holes into the border fence a few days ago.