Israeli Soldier Kills Egyptian Girl Playing Outside her House
Israeli Soldier Kills Egyptian Girl Playing Outside her House
Friday, February 29,2008 12:11

Egyptian local residents said that a 14-year-old Egyptian girl died on Thursday of wounds she sustained earlier in the day as a result of being hit by a bullet fired by an Israeli occupation soldier stationed at the Karm Abu Salem crossing with Egypt.

Local residents said that Samah Nayef Msallam was hit in the head, apparently by an IOF sniper, while playing outside her house which stands about 700 meters from the Karm Abu Salem crossing which is under the control of the IOF.

Egyptian security officials who spoke on condition of anonymity confirmed that the girl was hit with Israeli bullets. Meanwhile, Sheikh Darwish Abu Jarad, one of the girls relatives said that the firing came from the Israeli side.

Karm Abu Salem is a Palestinian village which was occupied in 1948 by the Zionists and its name was changed to Kerem Shalom. The Egyptian village which lies opposite this Palestinian village is called Karm Abu Musleh where the Egyptian girl was shot.

Egyptian websites reported that the girl was taken to Areesh hospital, but died shortly after arrival at hospital.

A relative of the girl was killed by an Israeli bullet last month and these killings continue despite the fact that Egypt has a peace treaty with Israel and despite the fact that no rockets are being fired from Egypt at Israel.