32 Including Children Killed in Gaza in Two Days
32 Including Children Killed in Gaza in Two Days
Friday, February 29,2008 13:42
Israeli Occupation Forces continued their attacks on Gaza Strip, killing about 32 Palestinians since Wednesday morning.
The death toll included four Palestinian children who were killed in IOF missile strikes.
The children, toddlers and less then twelve years old, were hit by an Israeli missile while playing in Jabalia camp, north of Gaza Strip, Palestinian medical reports said.
Israeli army said that it was targeting militants involved in firing missiles into Israel .
Earlier, at least seven Palestinians affiliated to Al Nasser Salahuddin Brigades and Izzedine Al-Qassam Brigades were killed in Israeli raids on the strip.
Sources in Gaza told Ikhwanweb that citizens avoid driving cars in streets lest Israeli helicopters target them. Israeli air raids continued on Gaza till late at night.
Associated Press quoted Israeli defence minister Barak saying" We need to prepare for an escalation. The huge land operation is on the ground. We will never fear this."
It is worth mentioning that Israel has mobilized thousands of its soldiers on borders with Gaza Strip lest the situation may explode under the current blockade imposed by  IOF since Hamas seized power in the Gaza Strip last June 2007.
Israel says it launches raids on Gaza Strip in an attempt to stop missile and Mortar fires into Israel .
It started its latest spate of violence last Wednesday when an Israeli raid killed five Hamas activists driving a car.
Hamas retaliated with launching more than 40 missiles, its fiercest missile attack in months.
An Israeli man aged 47 years was hit by a missile which immediately killed him at Sderot.
The latest escalation took place only one day after two top UN envoys submitted a report to the Security Council in which they said that they haven"t any progress in attempts for reaching a peace deal between the Palestinians and Israel since the peace process was relaunched.
US Secretary of State is scheduled to arrive in the Middle East region next week in a several days visit in which she will meet Israeli Prime Minister and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.