Security Forces Torture, Sexually Harass Luxor Family
Saturday, May 12,2007 00:00
By Ikhwanweb

A state of rage overshadows residents of the village of Al-Baghdadi, Luxor district, after an officer, corporals and detectives affiliated to a law enforcement force at Luxor police station stormed into a house of a citizen, and tortured him and his family after sexually harassing them. This caused several bruises and injuries in several places in their bodies and led to keeping them for two days in the intensive care unit at Luxor Public Hospital; after their recovery, the family members along with their caregiver lodged dozens of complaints to Human Rights Organizations, the attorney general and the Interior Minister; an official report of the incident was written, forcing the officer to offer 10000 pounds bribe to the family members to persuade them of withdrawing their complaint; however, they refused to do so; the police chief exercised pressure on the caregiver of the family and threatened him with fabricating drug trafficking cases against him and fabricating prostitution cases against his daughters unless he withdraws the complaint.
This tragic story dates back to a Thursday dawn two weeks ago when a law enforcement officer at Luxor police station broke into the house of citizen " Sayed Ahmed Ibrahim Abdullah, 54 years, a day laborer living in Shaeikh Al-Baghdadi due to a primary sentence in absentia against him; he was although he was wearing only underclothes and was sent to Luxor police station after torturing him and tearing out clothes of his wife and daughters, leading to a clash with neighboring residents who protested at these indecent acts of the police.
Sayed Ahmed Ibrahim said:" I have been a day laborer for about a year; I borrowed a sum of money from one of the residents in the village after signing a bill; later, the debtor filed a lawsuit against me at Luxor court and I wasn’t notified of its session; last Thursday dawn, I was asleep with my underclothes because it was so hot; I was in the second floor of my house when I heard loud and alarming knocks at my door in the first floor where my wife and daughters were asleep; when I came down I was stunned by some people beating my wife, and daughters after handcuffing them; they held me by the neck and dragged me on the floor and stairs after I fainted and took me to the police truck in front of a huge number of residents who were going to the mosque to perform the dawn prayer; the officer and his force took me to the police station then to the prosecution where I paid 125 piaster to appeal against the ruling and was released on the same day, after I along with my family lodged a police complaint and report about the torture and harassments; days later, a policeman visited me at home and asked me to withdraw the complaint in return for ten thousand pounds bribe from the officer; I told him that I will defend my honor whatever the cost and I won’t withdraw the case till the officer stands trial because there is a medical report from Luxor hospital showing that my wife was hospitalized for more than twenty one days. the policeman responded that the officer will fabricate a drug dealing case against me and a prostitution case against my girls.
His son Hafez, 26 years old farmer, added:" When it saw the policemen and officers torturing my father, my mother and sisters, I said to the officer:" We will inform the Interior Minister of your violations; he replied:" The Interior Minister can do nothing because we are carrying out orders and instructions; then they tied me with a rope and beat me and tore all my clothes even my underclothes in front of my sisters.
Sayed’s wife, Fathiya Abdul Wahab Mohamed, 45 years old, said:" I was stunned by loud knocking at the house door so I opened to face an officer and ten detectives and policemen; the officer said to me:" we want your husband" I told him that he is asleep upstairs and that I will go to wake him up; but the officer pushed me forcefully and I fell on the ground; my husband came with his underclothes; I asked the officer to allow my husband to wear his clothes but he refused and was beaten all over my body with their batons; others were searching bedrooms of my daughters, Hanaa, a teacher, and Asmaa, 20 years old student; the policemen attacked my daughters in their bedrooms and held them by their hair and beat them and all the family was under mass torture.
The officer continued to torture me hideously and they dragged me on the floor of the house while my son and daughters were watching; my oldest daughter had the lion’s share of severe beating till my and my daughter’s arms were broken; my son had bruises and abrasions all over his body; " we will never withdraw the complaint even if they fabricated thousands of fake cases against my children" said the wife.
Asmaa Sayed Ahmed, 20 years old, said:" the officer and detectives broke into my bedroom after breaking the door and they tore my and my sister’s clothes and the officer and detectives did things wich only decency and modesty preven me from mentioning them; I won’t withdraw my complaint even if they fabricated thousands of fake cases against me.

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