Muslim Brotherhood’s Statement on Events Surrounding Municipal Elections
Muslim Brotherhood’s Statement on Events Surrounding Municipal Elections
Saturday, March 15,2008 15:43

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt released the following statement concerning the upcoming Municipal elections in April:


The Muslim Brotherhood reaffirms its acceptance of democracy based on political pluralism and peaceful transfer of power. A system where the nation is the source of all authorities and the people have the ultimate right to choose their rulers, members of parliament and representatives through free, transparent and fair elections. We believe that this democratic system truly reflects the people’s ambitions and aspirations for a better future.


Achieving reform and change as well as confronting corruption and tyranny must be carried out through peaceful means and through the available constitutional and legal channels, and that is the goal of all sectors of the Egyptian society and civil institutions. Fulfilling this goal necessitates that all political activists regardless of their affiliations must close ranks, unite their efforts and work together in order for reform to become a reality.


The MB decision to run in the Municipal elections on April 8, was to practice our constitutional and legal rights, and play a vital role in building our society and develop our homeland through the local councils to improve the spectrum of services they provide and regulate including education, healthcare, housing, environment, transportation and solving the social problems facing the youth. The MB is determined to carry out this role in spite of aggressions its members and leaders are facing at the hand of the corrupts and tyrants including arbitrary detentions, and freezing assets, let alone the violations and obstacles put against candidates of the Muslim Brotherhood and all other well-reputed candidates.


In preparation for the upcoming elections, the Muslim Brotherhood nominated 5754 candidates nationwide, however, only 498 succeeded to register, while 831 were unjustly detained by security forces, and the rest were forcibly and physically prevented from reaching the registration offices to submit their candidacy papers. Around 3912 lawsuits were filed by disfranchised candidates and 2664 received favorable court orders to run for elections while the remaining lawsuits are still pending (it is unclear whether the government will abide by these court orders or ignore them as usual)


We emphasize that the current political deadlock and the absence of any serious effort for reform by the government as well as denying Egyptian citizens the right to exercise their constitutional and legal rights, will only lead to more public tension and consequently opening the door wide for spates of despair with all risks involved which may undermine the security and stability of society.


We [concerned political parties and activists] should never allow the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) to freely commit these violations without being held accountable. The NDP wants despair and frustration to dominate political life, through exceptional and unacceptable measures that would make it easy for them to rig the elections and eventually forcing people into giving up their rights. Therefore, it is imperative upon us to mobilize and educate the public, in addition to the role that human rights organizations, intellectuals and writers can play to confront these flagrant measures and not to give in, especially that the consequences will have a huge impact on Egypt’s political, economic and social present and future. So, it is time to close ranks to face this autocratic power.


We remind the Egyptian people that they have huge capabilities, and they are able to win reform and change in their struggle against corruption and tyranny. Egyptians are required, in this stage, to effectively move to not only restore their rights but to participate in making life and in self-determination as well.


Freedom and democracy require sacrifices. The Egyptian people realize now that through these sacrifices they will be able to achieve their dreams of prosperity and development and see our country assume its proper position among other great nations in history. The Egyptian people are optimistic for their love for truth, justice and freedom and will give more sacrifices whatever the obstacles and challenges they may face. The Egyptian people know well that their struggle for freedom and democracy is actually a struggle against the US-Zionist hegemony project that supports tyrannical regimes which closed the door in front of all reform efforts.


We must, in this regard, give our appreciation to MB members and leaders nationwide for their patience, steadfastness and endurance for the sake of their call, nation and homeland. We stress that a homeland that includes such well-reputed patriots deserves to be a nation of honour, dignity and pride".


These MB members and leaders give to their nation most wonderful examples in sacrifice. Their efforts for the sake of reform and change will never go in vain. We are proud of them and proud of their performance, asking Allah almighty to bless them and bless their efforts for the sake of the nation. We promise them to stay the course and proceed in these elections to serve the Egyptian people and build our country. We will take all required constitutional and legal means to achieve our goal no matter how bumpy the road might get.

  The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo, Egypt

March 15th, 2008