Erian: MB Will Not Abandon Democratic Reform
Erian: MB Will Not Abandon Democratic Reform
Wednesday, April 9,2008 11:15

 Dr. Essam al-Erian, head of MB politcal bureau, stressed that Muslim Brotherhood will remain committed to democracy despite its decision to boycott local elections which came in response to the government extreme oppressive measures and not allowing vast majority of MB candidates to run.

""The MB’s decision to boycott local elections is an indication that there is no real elections to participate in; it is futile to go on such a farce", he asserted.
"All media and the Egyptian people witnessed the utter boycott of local elections; the ballot center supposed to include 1000 votes turned out to be very few number between six and twenty voters, as stated by observers. The NDP has prepared a farce in which he is the sole player and audiences as well…indeed the whole world abandoned such a farce", he added.

Al-Erian said he is not sure of real forgery in the ballots, but forgery is something expected from the NDP not to win elections, for he denied other oppositionists to participate, but to prove the huge number of voters!
He added that the Egyptians couldn"t believe such a farce. The low turnout is due to severe frustration and lost hope in reform, not due to the late call of MB to boycott elections; however the MB decision was compatible with the general atmosphere in Egypt .

On the other hand, Abdul-Hameed al-Ghazali, political consultant of MB chairman, stressed that the group"s boycott of such a farce is correct, because it is illogical that the group"s members participate in elections from which their candidates were denied after having hundreds of judicial decisions placing their names in the ballots along with the government executives ignorance of such verdicts; consequently, such elections are against constitution and law.