Mahdi Akef: Muslim Brotherhood Rejects Gamal Mubarak as President
Mahdi Akef: Muslim Brotherhood Rejects Gamal Mubarak as President
Thursday, April 24,2008 14:46

Mahdi Akef, chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), totally rejected Gamal Mubarak, the son of the current Egyptian President, as a possible presidential candidate.


Akef clarified, in a statement to Deutsche Presse Agentur (DPA) and verified by Ikhwanweb, that the Muslim Brotherhood had once agreed that Gamal Mubarak could be a presidential candidate treated as any other Egyptian citizen. However, after 2005 constitutional amendments declared by the Egyptian President, the Muslim Brotherhood refused Gamal Mubarak as a nominee for presidency.


Akef believed that such constitutional amendments, especially article 76, were tailored to suit Gamal Mubarak. Adding that he can not be a presidential candidate unless he leaves his father’s palace and deals with the Egyptian society, Akef said.


Akef also stated that the Muslim Brotherhood refused Gamal Mubarak after it has witnessed his authoritarian policies, including referring civilians to military tribunals, mass arrests to MB and other opposition members in general, and high prices the Egyptian society face. He added that all such decisions were taken by the Policy Committee of the National Democratic Party (NDP) headed by Gamal Mubarak.


Noteworthy, the Muslim Brotherhood have previously refused the constitutional amendments made by the government considering it a deliberate clampdown for political motives, preparing the ground for the accession of President Mubarak’s son to the Egyptian Presidency.