Muslim Brotherhood MP Warns Against Pollution of Nile River
Muslim Brotherhood MP Warns Against Pollution of Nile River
Tuesday, May 20,2008 13:18

Abbas Abdul-Aziz (member of the MB parliamentary bloc) submitted a query to the Premier and ministers of Health and Water Resources and Irrigation regarding recent study about the pollution of the Nile River .

He indicated that the study released by the government showed that 75% of the sewage is being dumped into the Nile, in addition to the industrial waste which mounts to 550 million cubic meters over 22 mouths period. The study also showed that one company is discarding more 1600 cubic meters of acidic residues daily into the River, in addition to more than 60,000 cubic meters of high salinity liquid residues including zinc concentrations daily.

The study adds that there is nearly 1.8 billion cubic meters annually out of 3.4 billion cubic meters of sewage discarded directly to the Nile, and therefore lead to the death or contamination of several kinds of fish which carry serious poisons and might be affecting humans. There are nearly 12.5 billion cubic meters annually comprising the residues of fertilizers; such as phosphates, nitrates, and Nitrogen, which remain in water for a long period and concentrate on water sources. Therefore man is inflected with different forms of cancer and epidemics.

Abdul-Aziz inquired "when will the government feel responsible for entering laws into force and punish the corrupt who affects the people"s health, and when will the ruling NDP nightmare be eliminated?"